Beige and Coffee Brown Silk Cotton Saree from Palam Silks

I'm doing a saree outfit post after a long time. This is partly due to my hairstyle. I had shaved off my hair and went completely bald at the beginning of the year and kept it that way till June.  I have planned to grow out my hair and had to wait for a really long time for my hair to grow to this length, that would go with traditional outfits, especially sarees. I made a huge haul comprising of sarees from Palam Silks and thought you guys might be interested in it.

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I Haven’t Washed My Face In More Than A Year....

I know that sounds gross, but what I really want to say is that I haven’t washed my face with soap in the last 18 months and it is the best thing I have done for my face. And my skin is thanking me for it. This natural face wash powder is a boon to those with skin problems.
Natural Face Wash

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Blue Heaven Signature Eyeliner: Review

As soon as I laid my eyes on the Blue Heaven Signature Eyeliner, I wanted it. I'm a big fan of fountain pens and the packaging reminded me of my very first pen. It was a chubby black pen just like this one and it brought back nostalgic memories.  Even though I purchased this eyeliner for its packaging, It didn't completely disappoint me. So here's my review of this cute product.

Blue Heaven Signature Eyeliner

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Guest Post: Skincare Tips Every 40-Something Needs to Know


Skincare Tips For Every 40-Something

Well, you’ve made it through the Flirty Thirties and now here you are in the Sporty Forties. I call them that because many people who have not thought much about fitness seem to arrive at the conclusion that 40-something is the age to start actually paying attention to where their bodies are headed.

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Natural Makeup - Loose Face Powder: An Organic & Chemical-Free Alternative

Let me clarify something at the very beginning itself; this post is not about any organic or natural makeup products. Rather, it is an organic/natural and chemical-free alternative that can be included in your makeup routine.

Natural Makeup

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La Shield Sunscreen Gel For Oily Skin- SPF 40: Review

I was recently introduced to La Shield brand through my cute dermatologist Dr.Rasya Dixit, in Bangalore. She highly recommended this sunscreen for my skin type (sensitive and oily). It costs a little more than what I usually spend on sunscreens but it is totally worth the money spent on it. Read on to find out how much I love this sunscreen and why I would recommend it.

La Shield Sunscreen Gel

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Haul: Handbags from SheIn

I really can't be without a bag. I usually carry a large bag because my son keeps handing out stuff to be put away carefully (a.k.a carry their stuff) and I start hoarding unwanted stuff just to be on the safe side. I end up carrying around a lot of excess stuff just because there is space in it. In order to stop treating my back like some rucksack and to ease the pain on my shoulder, I wanted to get some cute handbags/satchels. Hence, the handbags from SheIn.

Handbags Haul From SheIn

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Makeup Look For The Buzz Cut Women

Makeup Look For Buzz Cut Women

I have been sporting numerous haircuts and styles over the years, ranging from the simple layered to asymmetrical super short pixie cuts, but the buzz cut was a big step for me. I have shaved my head once before and it was for religious regions. However, going for a buzzcut hair that almost looks like a shaven head and for no apparent reason (other than my urge to do something crazy) was daunting for a couple of minutes until I raced to my bathroom, got my hubby's beard trimmer and razed off my hair.  Boy, did it feel amazing!!

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A Virtual Trip to Bayon Temple in Cambodia

Virtual Trip to Bayon Temple in CambodiaThe moment you hear the name 'Cambodia' almost everyone thinks of the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat. Trust me it is a spectacular place but I think there are many other mind-blowing places than Angkor Wat. Speaking my heart here, I found the Bayon temple, one of the most famous structures in the Angkor complex, much more breathtaking. Continue reading "A Virtual Trip to Bayon Temple in Cambodia"