10 Self Defense Tools For The Every Day Super Women

With changing times, women have become extremely independent. We, the independent woman, are no longer afraid to walk alone or go on an adventure around the world. However, we have to accept the fact that with this independence comes a risk to our safety, Because the world as such is not a safe place. So, how do we protect ourselves without compromising our freedom and independence? These self-defense tools will help you do just that.


I was surprised to see a huge variety of self-defense tools available online in India. The time I spent on research about self-defense, was a real eye-opener for me. There are so many affordable options for today’s superwomen and they should be armed with them.

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These tools are meant only as a means of self-defense and protection and not intended to be used to kill the attacker even though the f**ker deserves it.

#1. Pepper Spray:

Pepper Spray

This is the most common known tool for self-defense that is known to incapacitate the attacker.  This is ideal for anyone who is walking home alone during nighttime, down a dark street or anywhere deserted. You just have to hold the Pepper spray at arm’s length and spray at the attacker’s face. The effect is instantaneous and will debilitate the assailant for at least 30 minutes. Do make sure that the spraying end is away from your face, as it is possible to spray at yourself accidentally.

You can buy Pepper spray here.

#2. Self Defense Key Chain

Self Defense Key Chain

These cute looking key chains are not something to be played with. This is a discreet and powerful self-defense tool to have in hand (quite literally). It looks like a key chain but comes handy when attacking your assailant. All you have to do is insert your fingers into the circular holes and aim them at the attacker if assaulted.

#3. Personal Alarm

Personal Alarm

If you are an early morning jogger, returning home from a late shift, or just travel alone a lot, and most importantly don’t want to carry any self-defense weapons that you need to use up close and personal on your attacker, then you definitely need to have this. The shrill and loud noise from the personal alarm is enough to startle away your assaulter. Moreover, this one is compact, lightweight and can be attached to your handbag.

Love to have this in your bag? Then click here.

#4. Safety Survival Finger Ring

Safety Survival Finger Ring

How about remaining stylish and safe. You can sport a kitty ring or opt for a more punk and rock themed look. It is lightweight and can be worn with most casual outfits. Worried that it will clash with your formal outfits, well you can stow them away in your bag until you leave work. It can also be used for breaking car glasses in case of an emergency.

This is an excellent gift to your girl friend/boy friend, so get it today!

#5. Batons


Batons are the #1 choice of self-defense weapon where non-lethal force is to be applied. When attacked, you just need one opportunity to ward them off. You can use this baton to beat the crap out of your assailant. It is easy to carry ,conceal, and can be kept ready at hand.

#6. Tasers & Stun Guns

Tasers & Stun Guns

Tasers and stun guns have to be the coolest self-defense weapon in this list. Tasers and stun guns, each serve a purpose and needs to be chosen wisely depending on your safety needs. It is best to get a stun gun first as it is relatively inexpensive and it can be fired ahead to serve as a warning to the attacker, resulting in no confrontation.

#7. Books on Self Defense for Woman

Books on Self Defense for Woman

Knowledge is a powerful weapon, so it wouldn’t hurt to be armed with some knowledge. You can buy them online and learn some moves and techniques to get stronghold or even just escape from the attacker.

#8. Four Fingers Knuckle Ring 

Four Fingers Knuckle Ring

This is an extended version of the finger ring one, but it looks a lot cooler. It gives off a mob-style look Just like the finger ring, the knuckle ring can be stowed away in your bag and can also be used to break glass in case of emergency.

#9. Aluminum Baseball Bat

Aluminum Baseball Bat

This one is meant more for at-home self-defense weapon. With Harlequin looking sexy sporting a baseball bat, I believe you too can feel sexy and safe with this one. Make sure to keep this one by your bedside or any other quickly accessible place.

#10. Credit Card Knife

Credit Card Knife

A knife can do a lot of damage, to the perpetrator as well as yourself, so I’m putting at the bottom of the list. Still, this is a cool tool as its compact, lightweight.  How cool is it when a seemingly ordinary card transforms into a knife that could very well save your life.

Are you itching to arm yourself with any self-defense weapons, be it a pepper spray or a stun gun? Then check out this link for more affordable options of self-defense weapons.

Which one do you have with you or love to have it with you? Comment below and let us know.

Thanks for reading!

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