30 Day Sugar Free Challenge

30 Day Sugar Free Challenge

Captain's Log, Stardate 16.12.15:

My journey so far has been quite daunting. I desperately seek my morning sustenance the way I always want, but I’m having an iron hold on my urge to run towards it. It’s almost 10AM and I haven’t’ had my first dose of caffeine with sugar in it (sighs) ……..

30 Day Sugar Free Challenge

Jokes apart, today is the first day of my 30-day white sugar free challenge. I know this is an odd time (16th day) to start a 30-day challenge. It took me this long to make up my mind to start this challenge.

I’m specifically mentioning white sugar as I will not miss out on the natural sugar from fruits. White sugar is known to cause ill effects on one’s health. So, it’s about time I cut it off from my system.

A healthy mind and body leads to a happy life. But at times, our habit can hinder this goal.  So, I have decided to take up this 30 day sugar free challenge. A little bit of self-control and discipline will help me (and you) go a long way in term of health. I’m not a big fan of sweets in general, but I do admit that I have a habit of having my tea or coffee strong with 2 teaspoon of sugar.

I know giving up anything (especially sugar) is tough, but I decided anyway to give up sugar in my diet for 30 days, to bring down my sugar level and as a challenge to my self-control.

I know I can refrain from eating other sugary stuff like muffin, ice cream, cakes, pastries, and French toast. So the goal is to avoid anything with sugar at home as well as other store-bought items.

Will be updating on a weekly basis, so keep a close eye on this post.

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