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50 Easy and Simple Tips to Reduce Carbon Footprints

50 Easy and Simple Tips to Reduce Carbon Footprints

“Our world is in the grip of a dangerous carbon habit,” UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon Ban said in a statement to mark the celebration of World Environment Day. The importance of safeguarding our environment was further emphasized during the COP 21 conference in Paris. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed this conference and has promised that by 2030, we (India) will reduce emissions by 33 – 35 % of 2005 levels and 40 % of our installed capacity will be from our non- fossil fuels. He has also claimed that this can be done on by expanding renewable energy by adding 175 Gigawatts of renewable generation by 2022. He has also assured the world that we will enlarge our forest cover to absorb at least 2.5 billion tons worth of carbon dioxide.

I’m really excited about enlarging the forest area. I really hope that we exceed this target and will conserve and natural and wildlife.

Everything we do has an impact on the environment – It can be either positive or negative depending on our actions. We can reduce our carbon footprint by changing the way we live our lives. Even seemingly tiny changes can make a significant difference and it is our responsibility to leave behind a healthy planet for future generations. While we wait for the big guns to take the initiatives to do what they have vowed to do, here’s what we can do to reduce the carbon footprints through small yet thoughtful acts:

  1. Carpool
  2. Read newspapers online.
  3. Use ceiling fans to cool down your home as much as possible instead of ACs.
  4. Plant a tree – Simple yet very effective.
  5. Don’t travel far and often for simple things.
  6. Combine several errands into a single trip when possible.
  7. Using public transportation
  8. Going for a short distance? Take a walk.
  9. Choose eco-friendly gifts and wrappings when gifting someone.
  10. Order online
  11. Work from home
  12. Get more out of a trip.
  13. Book Non-stop flights
  14. Travel in train instead of flights.
  15. Install solar water heaters.
  16. Do things to keep your home cool during the summer.
  17. Instead cranking up the heater during the winter, wear warm clothes to deal with the cold.
  18. Turn off all electronics when not in use, like phone chargers after charging.
  19. Use CFL bulbs for lighting.
  20. Turn the faucet off when brushing or shaving.
  21. Look for energy rating when buying electrical appliances.
  22. Go out for jogging or running if possible, instead of using a treadmill.
  23. Same goes for bicycling.
  24. Keep your car in good condition. A well-maintained car saves a lot.
  25. Do you really need that humongous refrigerator or TV?
  26. Buy biodegradable disposable cups and plates.
  27. Do you really need that printout?
  28. If you must, print on both the sides.
  29. Turn off lights and fans when not required
  30. Stop junk mail – Opt out of getting mails and bills printed out on paper.
  31. Buy a laptop instead of a desktop as they consume 80% less energy.
  32. Avoid trash bags – The black pigment in these bags cannot be recycled.
  33. Use rechargeable batteries – They save more than 1000 pounds off on carbon footprints.
  34. Use a microwave instead of a gas stove to heat food, as it is much more energy efficient.
  35. Unplug electronic appliances when not in use as many devices still consume power when they are not in use and unplugged.
  36. Drive an electric car.
  37. Your driving style matters. Unnecessary acceleration increases your carbon footprints.
  38. Need to travel for a meeting? Try video conferring tools instead.
  39. Add solar panels to your home and get power from it.
  40. Take a jute or plastic bag when buying groceries and don’t get a bag from them.
  41. Don’t let you laptop or desktop go to standby as it consumes a lot of energy silently. Switch them off when not in use.
  42. Use fountain pens instead of disposable plastic pens.
  43. Go to the source, be it vegetables or any kind of food as processing, packing and transport utilize a lot of energy.
  44. Cook on the top shelves of the oven as it gets heated much faster and cooking time is reduced.
  45. When buying vegetables don’t put them in separate plastic bags.
  46. Make your shower quick as daydreaming in the shower can waste water.
  47. When listening to music on TV but not looking at the video, switch off the display.
  48. If it’s hot outside, don’t use the dryer to dry your clothes. Let them air dry.
  49. Eat vegetarian meals more often than meat, as rearing and processing meat can be energy intensive.
  50. Don’t waste food or anything for that matter – Want not, waste not.

If you have any more ideas on reducing our carbon footprints do mention them in the comments section. Let us al be informed to make better lifestyle decisions to reduce our carbon foot prints and improve the quality of our life.

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