About Me


Welcome to Shades of a Dusky Woman. I’m Sudhaa. Let me give you a teeny-weeny introduction about me.


I’m 30 + years old dusky woman from India (who’s counting right!?). This blog is an amalgamation of everything I’m passionate about. This blog’s going to cover a variety of topics like Makeup, Travel, Glass Painting and Jewelry Making.

I see beauty in everything, especially imperfection. Saying this, I absolutely abhor Fairness/ Whitening products. I believe that woman are more than their skin color. So, I will not be reviewing or posting about them here.

I love being myself and hate anything mundane or clichéd. I choose to share the various facets of my passion through this blog and hence the name ‘Shades of a Dusky Woman’.

I’m cuckoo for cosmetics!!! I’m just crazy about them. I also believe in affordable makeup and good bargains in almost everything.  I will be reviewing products based on their reaction on my Oily skin and my complexion

I value personal freedom and freedom to express myself. Therefore, this blog is an expression of this.

Want to collaborate with me? You can mail me at sudhaa.gvrn@gmail.com

You can also follow me on any one or all of the social media. You can find me here: FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Some Random facts about me!!!

  • Complexion: Medium to Dark.
  • Skin Type: Oily.
  • Eyes: Small, Black and Wide-set.
  • Hair: Black and wavy
  • Face Shape: Oval
  • Crazy about vampires and Werewolves…the ones in novels. They are so much cooler and sexier in novels.
  • I don’t fall under stereotype female characteristics and am proud of it.
  • I don’t follow beauty trends. I do what I like and love even if it might look outdated for some.
  • Crazy about cats.

Hope you enjoy my blog. And don’t forget to leave a comment.