ADS Eyebrow Wax and Powder

ADS Eyebrow Wax and Powder

I came across this product in ebay and was quite surprised by the price. I got the pair of eyebrow wax with their setting powder for Rs 385/- and am quite happy with this deal. My very first eyeshadow palette was from ADS, so buying this product made me feel nostalgic about the days I was experimenting with the eyeshadow palette.

ADS Eyebrow Wax and Powder

Coming to the product, I'm super happy with the ADS Eyebrow Wax and Powder. There are two shades of eyebrow wax - Dark Brown and Black. I also comes with same 2 shades of eyebrow setting powder.

ADS Eyebrow Wax and Powder in Brown and Black


ADS Eyebrow Wax and Powder  - ingredients

My thoughts on this Product:

I have eyeing similar products for some time but couldn't find one in an affordable price range. Then this caught my eye. Even after ordering the ADS Eyebrow Wax and Powder, I was not sure if I would be getting both the black one as well as the Brown, as the price was unbelievable.

When I received the package I became ecstatic after seeing both the shades.

I use both Black and Brown, depending on my complexion and my mood. I recently got very tanned after my trip to Kannur, so I am using the Brown shade more often these days. The wax is pretty pigmented and makes my scanty eyebrows look lush and perfect.

The brush that comes with the product is quite sturdy. The slated brush is convenient for shaping the eyebrows and the other end of the brush is for using the setting powder. The packaging is quite sturdy. Even though it comes in a glass jar I find it to be safe to carry it around. The wax and the powder come in the same jar - wax at the bottom and powder on top.

ADS Eyebrow Wax and Powder

With the wax and setting powder, the eyebrow easily lasts for a minimum of 10 hours, after which I actually lose track of it. It stays put even  under hot, humid and sweaty condition. This product is a keeper. I really hope I find it again when the time comes. I'm not able to find it again on ebay or any other online sites or the local shops.



Here is the hand swatch and on my eyebrows.





  • Highly pigmented
  • Lasts for minimum 10 hours
  • Stays put even  under hot, humid and sweaty condition
  • Affordable
  • Comes with setting powder
  • Cute and sturdy packaging


  • Not able to find this product online or in local shops.


Will be buying this again.