Belated New Year Wishes, Personal Updates and some Cliches!!

New Year Wishes

Cant believe I'm even late in wishing all you people a very happy new year. 2013 had been pretty hectic and I'm expecting 2014 to be pretty much the same. That's because of my never ending chase after my son and my recent professional 'development'. Yes, I have started working full time again after 5 long years. I had been working as a freelance content writer for a year and decided that it was fine time to go for a full time, full fledged career. It's has been almost 2 weeks now and has been an awesome experience so far. Considering the bunch of people I'm working with I expect to see more challenging responsibilities in the horizon. So excited!!!!
The other updates: Since I have started working I had put my 2.3 year old son in day care. It was initially heartbreaking, but now he is slowly getting the hang of it and I'm relieved.

Some Cliches - New Year Resolution: 

It is such a cliche to write about resolutions at the beginning of the year. So fall in line with this trend, my resolution for this year: My resolve to live a regret-less life. I will do my best to make my wishes come true and about the things that I cant change/do, I shall accept it and move on. This way no regrets.

This is my resolution for this year, what about yours????

Sayanora Chicas!!!


  • Radha Krishnakumar

    All the best for your new job and Happy New Year Sudhaa 🙂

  • Sudhaa Gopinath

    Thanks Radha 🙂