Best Places to Visit in March - My Pick!

Best Places to Visit in March

March is one of those months when I really crave to travel, especially to hill stations, where the weather is pleasant and relaxing. After the long working period of 3 months (It is long for me) I feel that everybody deserves to take a break from their hectic schedule a.k.a stressful life and head over to the cooler regions to chill out (literally); to take a break from noise, pollution and heat and to be surrounded by lush greenery with splashes of color everywhere. The entire atmosphere is laden with the mystic fragrance of newly bloomed flowers and fresh grass. This scenery serves as an apt setting for the poet in us and makes us to do cinematic/romantic things like those often portrayed in Bollywood movies.

It can inspire nature lovers and avid traveler like me to get a soul-satisfying experience and truly enjoy the awe inspiring beauty of India.

Saying this, March is one of the best month to travel in India and is my most preferred time to travel as there is no better time than now to explore the natural beauty. If you are scratching your brains thinking about affordable places to travel to, then here's a list of places that you seriously need to consider.  The places mentioned below are  considered to be the best places in India that you can visit during March.



Ooty is a small town, located at a height of 2,240 meters above sea level in the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu. No doubt it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India and is known for its breath-taking lofty mountain peaks, thick green forest full of wild life, luscious green valleys and miles and miles of tea gardens.



Gangtok is the capital town of Sikkim, the most beautiful northern eastern state of India, full of lush green forest, Buddhist monasteries and beautiful orchards. It is one of the most alluring Hill Stations of India. For sure it is one of the best places to visit where the atmosphere is extremely pleasant and beautiful!



Dalhousie, located on a height of 8000 feet above sea level is a great place to visit anytime of the year, especially in the summer season which starts from March and stretches till May. March is the best time to visit Dalhousie when the climatic conditions are extremely pleasant, with temperature usually being less than 30 degree Celsius.


Tea plantations

Munnar is the one of the most liked Hill Resorts in the Southern part of India blessed with scintillating beauty and heart throbbing attractions. Make plans to spend some quality time here and gather the most pleasant memories of your life with your family, amongst the tranquil and beautiful natural surroundings of Munnar.



Tagged as one of the most favorite destinations of honeymooning couples, Manali has all the charms and abundance of nature’s blessings that makes it an ideal place for the visitors to travel. From March till June, the weather is extremely pleasant and enjoyable, making it perfect for outdoor activities like rafting, trekking and other sorts of adventures in the Solang Valley. During this month of March the region’s flora and greenery is at its apex, with blooms everywhere, making it look like a paradise on earth.

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Hope you liked the places I had picked. Share your favorite destination (need not be the ones mentioned here) with us. Give links if possible!! 🙂

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