Blog Star Sunday: Divassence's Deepika

This is one of my new series and this one is about introducing various Blogger stars out there. Blogging is such wonderful thing and there are so many bloggers out there who do it with so much passion. In spite of their busy work schedule and personal life they are determined to have an awesome blog. This is something that so many of us can relate to. This series about the divas who rock the blogging world. The blog whether big or small it doesn't matter. All that matters is the desire to let the world know whats on their mind and their heart. There is a bunch of fun questions to know about them and just to have fun.
The first blogger is this series is Chennai girl Deepika of Divassence. Here is a few words about herself and her blog.
Hello! I'm Deepika from Chennai. My blog Divassence showcases the passionate, open and fun girl that I am. I love my makeup and not afraid to wear it in the city which is thought to be illiterate in terms of makeup (which is not factually correct btw! :P). I also love all things crafty, cooking and baking.
About her Blog:
Divassence is a platform for women who love makeup and everything related to it to share their thoughts and views. The woman of today is truly a Diva, what with being an amazing multi-tasker and having to handle the entire rigmarole of work while dealing with the cornucopia of family and home commitments. There isn't anyone more deserving than this Diva, of a little pampering, a little luxury, and plenty of Me-time. This is where Divassence! comes into your lives.

Some Q&A to know her:

  • Your most prized makeup product.
All my blushers!! Each and every one of them is precious to me!! 🙂
  • Favorite makeup/lip product.
My favourite makeup and must have product is a blush. The instant glow to the cheeks can brighten your face and make you look fresh! My favourite lip product at the moment is the Revlon Kissable Balm Stain.
  • Favorite eye candy.
Hahaha.. 😀 Good question. I loooovvvveeeee Matthew Perry!! Eric Dane (Mark Sloan from Grey’s Anatomy) is another “I want!!” candy 😉 and John Stamos (Jesse from full house)!!
  • Random fact about you.I am scared of crossing the road 😛
Your philosophy on Life.Live and Let Live! There is no point of pulling people down in any field in the name of competition. If you are good in what you do you’ll find the way. 🙂 And let others do the same too!!
  • Your pet peeve.
The screeching sound when we use a chalk to write on the board!!
  • Who or what inspire you and why Inspiration is there all around us. 
I find inspiration in everyone and everything and look upto people who are hard working.
  • Song on your lips???
The official Skyfall song by Adele. She is just brilliant!
  • Which habit are you proud of breaking??
Biting my nails. I’m known to have bitten nails at any point of time but now finally I’ve come out of the habit!
  • Do you have a workout or diet routine??? What is it??
Other than avoiding really fatty foods I don’t follow any diet routines as of now. But I’m planning on getting myself into the groove of exercising with the Jillian Micheals 30 Day Shred video! Let’s see 🙂
  • Are you a morning or a night person??
Neither 😛 I love sleeping late and getting up late. I’m more of an afternoon person if it makes sense!
  • If you would get an all expense paid trip, where would you go???
Switzerland has to be my first choice!
  • What are you crazy about???
Other than my boyfriend ?? 😉 My blushers. Not sure which one I’m crazier about though 😉
  • What freaks you out (your phobias)
Heights and crossing the road! Both get my head spinning!!
  • What cool super power would you like to possess??
’Hands and legs which stretch so that I don’t have to get up for anything!
  • Are you interested in Fashion and giving advice on them?
Fashion is something that is unique to each individual. If something looks good on me it need not necessarily mean that it will look good on someone else. So I always encourage people to take inspiration from something they like and adapt it to their unique style and body and not copy ditto. Thats the only advice I give people who ask me for advice. 🙂
  • Are you a Dog or cat person???
Cat person. I love cats!!
  • If you win $50 Million Dollars, what would you do with it??
Other than buying makeup? Buy a whole new wardrobe for myself and travel. Also get my mom all the makeup she wants!!
  • What kind of people do you avoid?
I avoid people who are too full of themselves. Sometimes it is important to talk about other things than themselves.
  • How would you describe your self (4 words)??
Unique.Passionate. Honest. Independent.

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