10 Beauty Brands & Their Products in India Containing Parabens

India has become a melting pot for numerous beauty brands and products. There are multitudinous skincare and beauty related products available in the market. You are spoiled with choices and choose from a wide range of prices. However, do you know what you are paying for? Or, how safe it is?

10 Beauty Brands & Their Products in India Containing Parabens
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Cetaphil Moisturising Cream - Review

Cetaphil Moisturising Cream
I know it looks like I squeezed the life out of it, actually I did do that. I made sure I got everything from it. Sorry, I thought I had taken a pic of it when it was full. I was wrong!!!
My skin has changed since I moved to Bangalore. Cant say I'm ecstatic about it but it sure beats have a greased pan like face all the time. Now my  face cant decide whether its oily or dry, so I shuffle between Emolene and this one at the moment. Continue reading "Cetaphil Moisturising Cream - Review"

J&J's Baby Cologne a.k.a Body Splash for Sensitive Skin

As i was getting some meds for me at a local pharmacy and came across this Baby Cologne. I wondered why babies even needed it and read on it that it keeps the body cool and fresh. An idea came upon me and i bought them immediately 
We all know Johnson & Johnson caters to baby and most of them if not all are safe enough to be used on them. Well we are aware than a sensitive skin is much more or similar to a baby skin and needs so much pampering. As summer is fast here and the need and usage of deos are drastically increasing, it is a nightmare for people like me with sensitive underarms. The deos burn our skin and powders are hardly sufficient. What would one do under such condition?? Well it is not even an option to go around stinking up the place, so here is my solution to this problems.
This baby cologne is safe enough to be used on my sensitive skin. Saying this, i did try using them after i shaved my underarms (what!!! i was in a hurry) and it did sting. I use the word 'Sting' rather than 'Burn' because that was the amount of discomfort i felt and it lasted for couple of seconds. What else can be expected after putting cologne on freshly shaved skin even though its a baby cologne. Looking at the ingredients below you can see that there is Alcohol and castor oil. 
For a start, it is great for sensitive skin,  and does it job of being a cologne. The smell is just awesome, it has a fresh and clean fragrance to it. Since its originally meant for babies, there are few drawback in its performance. It keeps you fresh only for couple of hours. I tested it and it lasted me for about 3 hours under optimum conditions. By optimum i mean, not sweat like a horse condition. It is safe to use them if you spend most of your time in well aerated place. If you have to run around in the sun a lot or have to sweat out for reason only know to you 😉 then this wont be enough for you.
The other drawback is the packaging, i just dont like them as i tend to spill more than i get them on me. I fixed this with something really simple and cheap. I switched them to a spritzing bottle which cost about Rs175/- and Tadah!!! my very own body splash 🙂
 It cost me only Rs125/- so it is easy on the pocket. The cologne didn't dry my skin out or my baby's. I just used on my son once and i prefer to keep it that way. For some reason, cologne on a baby scares me.
Easy on the pocket.
Sensitive skin friendly
Smells awesome
Doesn't dry out my skin.
Inconvenient packaging
Doesn't last longer under extreme conditions
Gonna buy my second bottle soon!!!

Review:Khadi Herbal Body Wash - Orange and Lemongrass Citrus

This is my first purchase from this brand and this is going to be a short review on it.
What it claims:
Thoroughly removes impurities and dirt from the skin. Orange extracts provide vitamin-C.It refreshes your senses with a light orange scent while the silly fresh gel with valuable oil pearls and Lemon Grass extract turns in to caring soft foam for the unique sensation of a well cared skin.

Price & Quantity: 
Rs 90/- for 210ml
Orange oil, Lemon Grass oil, Juglanregia, Triticum Vulgaris, Crocus Sativus, Almond Oil, Terminallia Belurica, base QS
My take on this product:
I'm crazy about citrus and orange fragrances and when i go for body sprays or deos or body wash like here, i prefer them to be of the same. I bought this for its brand as I believe that the quality of the brand would definitely better but i was sorely disappointed. From my experience it fails in everything it claims to do.
1. Thoroughly removes impurities and dirt - It does a half baked job. Not feeling squeaky clean after using it.
2. It refreshes your senses with light orange scent - Light orange scent??!! Its actually tooo mild and i can smell it only in the bottle and may be for couple of second when i pour it on my loofah. After that, poof!!! Its gone!!!
3. The caring soft foam which gives a sensation of a well cared skin - Okay it doesnt dry my skin, but well cared??? Will give 3out of 5 for it.
Easily available.
Contains natural ingredients.
Packaing is practical and sturdy.
It doesnt give a clean feeling after using
Doesn't lather up that much.
The fragrance is too mild for my liking.
There are other body wash liquids out there that do a better job than this. So will be giving this a miss


Steps to get rid of tan during Summer

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Exfoliating is one of the best ways to get rid of a tan. Exfoliating helps in speeding up the process by shedding dead skin cells quickly. Use an exfoliating brush to rub away the dead skin before or during a shower. Once done with rubbing, use a granular cleanser to wipe away the dead skin layers from the skin. This will help speed up the process of reducing the tan. Use an exfoliating skin lotion to prevent dryness caused to the skin because of exfoliating.
* Lotions with AHA or alpha hydroxy acids are also effective in reducing a tan. You can also use products and creams with hydrogen peroxide in them to speed up the process. Apply these creams directly or on a swab of cotton. Be careful not to use these chemicals on sensitive areas.

    * Lemon will also help you in getting rid of a tan effectively. Slice a lemon into half and rub on the areas that you want to make pale, for about 2 min before taking a shower. The citric acid in lemon helps you get rid of the dead skin cells which will reveal the lighter side beneath your dark skin. You may have to repeat this process for about a week, but this long and slow method will leave your skin soft and fresh. Make sure to rinse out the lemon before going outside to prevent your tan from deepening.

    * Once you have decided to get rid of your tan, make sure not to over-expose your skin to the sun again. Try and avoid getting under the sun, protect your skin by using an umbrella or apply a sunscreen lotion. Staying indoors is the best way to prevent more damage to your skin especially during the hot hours of the day.

    * Getting rid of blotchiness on your skin will help you remove the extra tan. You need to first dampen your skin and massage
      it in circular motion using dry baking soda. Baking soda will help your skin get rid of the blotchiness and will further act as an exfoliating agent removing the dead cells and exposing the lighter part of your skin.

    * If you want to remove tan from your entire body, then soaking is the best option. Soak in your bath tub for hours together to get rid of the tan on your body and face. If you use sunless tanners to get that extra tan, then you will have to soak yourself in the bath tub for a longer time. The duration you spend soaked in a bath tub will determine the number of dead cells with unwanted tan which will get removed.