May Fab Bag is Here - The Summer Escapade

May Fab Bag

The May Fab Bag is here, in May itself! Don't mind the sarcasm 🙂 I'm super happy about this month's Fab Bag. This is my second month with them and so far I'm all smiles for them. After seeing lots of Green Fab Bag and some in Orange, I was pleasantly surprised to see a Pink one.  Similar to the April Fab Bag, the May Fab Bag was also filled with useful goodies. Continue reading "May Fab Bag is Here - The Summer Escapade"


Small Haul and Gifts from my sister :)

Hi Lovelies!!! I'm blogging after a long time. You all know that I was busy with the process of shifting here to Bangalore. Now I'm still in the process of settling down but feel that I can spare some time between the settling process and running after my 11 month old son 🙂 
Here are the pics of my small haul and the gifts my cousin sister got me. Thanks a lot Madhu!!!
If you are interested in any of these products let me know, I will prioritise them and try to do a post on them first. 


Wet N' Wild Eye Palette - Lust

What it claims:
All day crease resistant.(Found only this on the package)
Price: $4.99
Ingredients: Not listed on the product or in the website.
My take on this:
I was tempted to buy this based on the swatches on other people and it looked really good on them. But when it arrived, i was not sure if it would look good on me. After using, i would say this shade can be made to work on my complexion.
The packaging is nothing great. Its comes in a normal see through lid and is not sturdy enough to bang it around in my handbag. It comes with the usual haphazard brush as expected in any low cost eye palette, so no surprise there. But the spongy head applicator is decent enough to use. 
The eyeshadow has a smooth-silky, satiny texture. The fallouts are almost nil. The most awesome thing about this palette is the color payoff. They are super pigmented and they last more than 5 hours without an eye primer. Since they are really pigmented i feel that it is best them using a light hand as a heavier application makes it hard to blend and takes longer to give a seamless look. This is not a big issue but just a mention about them.
This palette is great for creating smokey eyes. I love the way the shimmer and the matte eye shadows are co-ordinated in the same palette. This makes them handy in changing a normal day-wear eye makeup in to a glamorous night eye makeup. The shimmer eye shadows can be used during the day as well as the shimmers are really subtle. 
I googled a bit and found out that some of the shades in this palette are good dupes for MAC eye shadows. Not sure how accurate this is as i don't own any MAC products 🙁

Mac Dupes:

1 - MAC Yogurt.
2 - MAC Figi
3 - MAC Handwritten. 
4 - MAC Vanilla
6 - MAC Beauty Marked.

Super pigmented
Easy to blend
Matte and shimmer co-ordinated in the same palette.
Lasts long on its own.
Easy on the pocket.
Almost zero fallouts
This palette is discontinued.
Packaging is not sturdy.
Ingredients are not mentioned anywhere. 
Love the quality of this brand and palette. Will be getting more from them in the near future.