Work It With These 10 Office Handbags For Woman

Functional & Stylish Office Handbags For Women

“Style is a way to say who are without having to speak.”

~ Rachel Zoe.

These days It’s rare to see a woman without a handbag. It is has become a must-have accessory that every woman carries with her. In fact, they have now become a symbol of a women’s taste. It is often required by us to have roomy office workbags, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring and dull. Here’s a collection of office handbags that are practical and functional with oodles of style and panache.

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Recent shoes Haul

Recently I hauled some practical and comfortable footwears. Sharing them with you. When it comes to footwear, I'm all for it being comfortable so much that it precedes every other aspect. I'm ecstatic about one particular footwear. It's my first ever purchase of an international brand footwear. Curious? Read on to find out more...

Shoes Haul

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Ethnic Earrings To Flaunt This Diwali

Dussehra has come and gone and Diwali is almost here. Diwali being one of the much-awaited festivals by many women (including me), gives us the deserved opportunities to show off our ethnic side by flaunting the most flamboyant outfits and blingy ethnic accessories. Ethnic earrings are one of my favorite accessories to flash off this Diwali.

Ethnic Earrings To Flaunt This Diwali

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My Earrings Haul

Wow, it has been more than a month since i last published a post. Things have been quite hectic on personal front so decided to take a sabbatical (sort of) from blogging and even freelancing. Now that I'm back, I'm gonna get back to the jive of blogging. During this time off I had visited Dubai and had a gala of a time. I had made huge hauls, which I will be posting soon. My earrings haul is one of them.

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15 Essential Items for Creating Classy Outfits

Essential Items for Creating Classy Outfits

Classy outfits make you look elegant and sexy, no matter how old you are It brings on an air of sophistication and finesse.A lot of us can’t splurge on an entire wardrobe of outfits in a single day. Therefore, the best way to go about is looking for items that look classy and are affordable. Continue reading "15 Essential Items for Creating Classy Outfits"


What I Shopped in Bangkok

Bangkok Haul

When traveling with a kid you can expect to spend much time on spending as they get cranky very easily. It's usually like this; go in with a list of what to buy and get out as fast as you can (you can actually make a video game out of it). It was the same in Bangkok. I just visited the ground level shops in each shopping mall and prayed that I found something interesting. Continue reading "What I Shopped in Bangkok"