My Earrings Haul

Wow, it has been more than a month since i last published a post. Things have been quite hectic on personal front so decided to take a sabbatical (sort of) from blogging and even freelancing. Now that I'm back, I'm gonna get back to the jive of blogging. During this time off I had visited Dubai and had a gala of a time. I had made huge hauls, which I will be posting soon. My earrings haul is one of them.

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15 Essential Items for Creating Classy Outfits

Essential Items for Creating Classy Outfits

Classy outfits make you look elegant and sexy, no matter how old you are It brings on an air of sophistication and finesse.A lot of us can’t splurge on an entire wardrobe of outfits in a single day. Therefore, the best way to go about is looking for items that look classy and are affordable. Continue reading "15 Essential Items for Creating Classy Outfits"


Wishlist Wednesday: Makeup guides, Makeup and Sexy outfit

Wishlist Wednesday is a series where i get to post pics of things i would love to have: be it makeup, clothes, bling, footwear or places i would like to go or some really cute and sexy eye candies.
  • Rae Morris's Ultimate Makeup Guide Book/
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette.
  • Candy Apple Lip gloss from Lime Crime
  •  Sexy animal print pencil skirt.
  • Sexy stilettos.
  • OPL Matte Red Nail Polish 

I don't any of these pics.I have taken them from Pinterest. I just own the collage. If you are the owner and if offended, let me know i will remove them asap. Or if you are the owner and want me to quote the source, tell me and its a pleasure for me to update the info

Contest: My Entry for Shoppers Stop Perfect Festive Look

Here is a contest to add more zing to you already heightened festive spirit. The Contest held by IndiBlogger and sponsored by Shoppers Stop is a perfect opportunity to exhibit it. Here are 3 unique looks i have put together for this festive season from Shoppers stop's collection
Look #1: Tradition with a pinch of sexy

Look #2: Cool Beauty
Look #3: Flirtatious Diva
This contest was fun!!! Enjoyed my time looking at the elegant Jewellery and attires. Do comment and let me know how it is 🙂
Note: Images used here belong to Shoppers Stop.