Recent shoes Haul

Recently I hauled some practical and comfortable footwears. Sharing them with you. When it comes to footwear, I'm all for it being comfortable so much that it precedes every other aspect. I'm ecstatic about one particular footwear. It's my first ever purchase of an international brand footwear. Curious? Read on to find out more...

Shoes Haul

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Random haul!!! Cosmetics, Face Care, Foot wear and others.......

This week, my long awaited cosmetics from the brand 'Black Radiance came through. I had ordered them through my friend. I came across this brand when Shanthi from 'Makeup by Shathi' mentioned it in her FOTDs. This brand is mostly meant for dark skins. At mostly i cant seem to find the perfect match for my skin. So thought of giving it a try. Black Radiance is drug store cosmetic that is widely available in the US and is very affordable. I checked out their website and ordered a liquid foundation, a creme to powder foundation a concealer and my favorite....lipsticks!!!
I also wanted to try Wet n' Wild products. So ordered a lipstick and a eye shadow palette from this brand. I had shopped earlier for some other stuff like face scrub from Basics, L'Oreal shampoo and nail polishes form Eyetex - Dazzler and Elle18. And of course.....almost forgot, i bought the Maybelline Colossal kajal too.
I saw this footwear in a small shop in Coimbatore and was tempted to buy them. I'm Ms.Big Feet... I can wear any footwear that cute and dainty and anything like this was a big non-no. But this fit me well so grabbed them immediately. The price was only Rs 250/- 

Costed me only Rs 250/-


My Missing Winning!!!

Long..long ago....actually not so long. Its been 3 months (September) since i had won a give away by Alonai Shoes. This was my first international winning and i was super excited about it. I have never ordered anything from overseas and hence i'm not familiar with the process and thereby acted like a total country bumpkin when ordering the shoes i like from their website. The give away was any footwear for $50.And of course the international shipping rate was $45. No point in ordering anything for $5 and nothing was there either. My intention is not to belittle the give away. I'm not one of those people who looks a gift horse in the mouth. I'm just doing this post to share my feelings of misery with you. 
Now on to the rest of the story. Like i said there was no point in ordering for $5 so i gave my friends address in the U.S (after consulting with the people at Alonai) who was coming to India. I did as they asked me. I placed the order and gave them the reference number and the address to be shipped to. Till now no response from them. I mailed them twice to give me any update to let me know whats happening at their end. Nope!!! No reply!!!
I wonder whats happening at their end. I spoke to some people who had bought from Alonai Shoes and they all had high opinion of them. I won the August give away......i was announced as the winner in September and its December now and still no signs of getting even a reply from them.
Maybe i messed up in giving the address or something like that....maybe but the zero response from them is not satisfactory. 
Here is the link where i was declared the winner: 
Anyway just sharing my feelings with all the beauties out there.