Haul from StyleCraze!!! Products and Experience post.

This is my first experience with StyleCraze. Initially, there was some technical error in the ordering section of their website. I was not able to use my Rs100/- discount code on my purchase. I mailed them regarding the problem and they guaranteed that the said amount will be manually deducted from the amount. They did what they said and the ordered items reached me in 3 days. I ordered the items on a Sunday and it reached me on Wednesday. Yeah it was that fast and got them in good condition too. They have the COD facility and this is a huge plus for me. All together had a very pleasant and a hassle free experience shopping with. Will be ordering from them in the future. So all cheers to StyleCraze!!!!!
These are the items i had ordered. All neatly packed 🙂
I got this sample pack of this VLCC product. Love samples as it allows me to try out new products before thinking of buying them. Helps to make proper decision when buying such products.
Coloressence Lipsticks - Brick Red and Rum Resin.
Hair Serum from Streax
 Compact from Coloressence
Lip liner from Coloressence.
Any product that you would like to be reviewed first??? Do let me know. Happy to oblige!!!

Random haul!!! Cosmetics, Face Care, Foot wear and others.......

This week, my long awaited cosmetics from the brand 'Black Radiance came through. I had ordered them through my friend. I came across this brand when Shanthi from 'Makeup by Shathi' mentioned it in her FOTDs. This brand is mostly meant for dark skins. At mostly i cant seem to find the perfect match for my skin. So thought of giving it a try. Black Radiance is drug store cosmetic that is widely available in the US and is very affordable. I checked out their website and ordered a liquid foundation, a creme to powder foundation a concealer and my favorite....lipsticks!!!
I also wanted to try Wet n' Wild products. So ordered a lipstick and a eye shadow palette from this brand. I had shopped earlier for some other stuff like face scrub from Basics, L'Oreal shampoo and nail polishes form Eyetex - Dazzler and Elle18. And of course.....almost forgot, i bought the Maybelline Colossal kajal too.
I saw this footwear in a small shop in Coimbatore and was tempted to buy them. I'm Ms.Big Feet... I can wear any footwear that cute and dainty and anything like this was a big non-no. But this fit me well so grabbed them immediately. The price was only Rs 250/- 

Costed me only Rs 250/-


Ramblings about motherhood & My very first e.l.f. Haul .........all smiles :)

This is my very very big time haul as well as a E.l.f Haul. I love piling up my favorite stuff and just sitting and staring at them. I get a special kick out of them 🙂 
Everybody knows that E.l.f cosmetics are very affordable and novices like me can take advantage of the price and their hand at different makeup techniques and looks. But the major drawback is that its not available in India and shipping charges are huge and makes it pointless to order them. So I took advantage of my cousin's trip to our hometown and made him buy this for me. 
I'm super excited about this haul. I had this package with me for a week and barely had time to take these pics. I'm unbelievably occupied with my son..... he just completed 3 months. I love coddling him and talking to him in this strange nasal tone 🙂
I have never been a baby-person, even now after my son's birth i'm not that......except my son of course. I love him. I love the fact that he is a miniature version of me. His current pic and my pic as a baby is almost identical. What more can give me more joy than this.
Even though i'm a novice when it comes to makeups and cosmetics, i'm simply crazy about them. But now, i only look at this package when i'm sure that my son is sleeping well. Wow!!! Motherhood changes people. 
I love capturing his every little achievements and keep watching them whenever possible. Soon I will going back home to my husband and we will be a happy family together. 
My haul...yeh!!!! 🙂
A Primer, Bronzer, Concealer, Blush, Bronzing Brush
This is my very first primer, blush and concealer. Now you see how much of an novice i am. And my very first bronzer too!!!
Eye Shadows and Brushes
This would be my very first cream eye shadow!!!
This pout perfecter looks soooo.... pretty!!!
Got one that has warm and neutral tones in it. I will be using more of these shades.
This one looks like a pretty pocket diary and shades are cool too..literally!!!
God knows when i will have time to do more posts on these items individually!!. Hopefully all will be done soon enough. 

This Weekend's minuscule Haul: Cosmetic Bag and Kajal Pencil

Just uploading pic of my super-mini buys.
Just a pouch for keeping my cosmetics in my handbag. I hate it when my beauty items get everywhere but cant find it when it need it. Will be storing my lip balm, sunscreen gel, Emergency kajal (small size) Eye liner, Lipstick/ Lip gloss, Mini deo spray and hand sanitizer. 
Bought a Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in 'Autumn Rush' and Shingar Kajal Pencil. Will be reviewing them later on. 

My First Official Haul!!!

I love dumping all the things i buy and admiring it. It may sound silly but i'm sure lots of ladies out there does this. My dear hubby makes fun of me when i do this. This is like a therapy to me. Whenever i feel down, i dump my stash of cosmetics and keep admiring them. Let me know if you lovely ladies to this or something like this.

In this Haul:
Lotus Matt Glow Foundation - Caramel
Maybelline Collosal Volume Express Mascara
Avon Mega Impact Lipstick - Brilliant Brown & Pink Pop
Maybelline Diamond Glow by Eye Studio - Copper Brown.
Vega - Nail Buffer
Vega - Nail Shaper Mini