Review: Incolor Crystal Brilliance Lip gloss - #51 Blood Red and #21 Mat Brown

What it claims:

Cant seem to find anything about this online. Cant find the website of this product either.

Price & Quantity: Rs 160 for 6.5ml (Available at Snapdeal)

My take on this:

Mat Brown
Blood Red

The first time i looked at their collection i was amazed by the sheer variety they offered. They had so many different shades to experiment with. I'm not a big fan of lip gloss as i find them to be sheer and sticky most of the times. I actually detested them!! On seeing this brand i wanted to try the red shades in it (Obvious Red shade lover here...) and went for the shade 'Blood Red' and i also wanted to test out some nude shades on me and selected 'Mat Brown'. Okay lets talk about the product now.....

The packaging is nothing great and is of generic kind. The packaging is just like other local/unknown brands but they are sturdy. The lip gloss shades are mostly know by a number and at times contains a cheap looking label/paper with their name on it. The applicator is a decent performing doe foot one and i have no complaints regarding them.

The Blood Red shade is an awesome Red shade and looks close to real blood...before it clots and the Mat Brown is a nude shade which might not look washed out on those with darker complexion than me. I actually mistook 'Mat' for 'Matte' when ordering but am not disappointed with it. There is another shade called 'Mat Red', i wonder how that one looks like??!!!
The lip gloss is really pigmentation and gives complete coverage even on pigmented lip gloss. Just because of this alone I'm completely satisfied with them.A little goes a long way so start with less gloss on the wand and go for more only if needed. I believe that this also depends on the shade.Next comes the sticky-ness factor and it almost non existent. The lip glosses are so creamy and is glossy.Now I'm double happy and looking to get more shades. The lip gloss feel so comfortable to wear and keeps my lips soft and moisturised. But make sure you don't start out with crackled lips. These lippies makes my lips look very satisfied with it.
There is no significant fragrance to them and are taste free, so another plus there. The staying power of these are about 3 hours if you don't eat or drink anything. Even when you put your lips to good use (wink....wink)  it leaves behind a nice stain. And of course this only happens with the dark shades
Now to the part that might be concerning. Since the brand is relatively new and it doesn't mention the ingredients, the non-existent brand websites adds even more paranoia to ones mind. I have been using them for almost a month now, not everyday but at least 3-4 times a week and haven't developed any signs of negative reactions. This is put my mind at ease for not regretting this purchase. These lippies are available only in select shops and at times even the sales people are not aware that they have this brand with  them 🙂 They are available online at Snapdeal and flipkart. Snapdeal is a pain in my nether region and flipkart just doesn't have that much variety with them.

With Flash


Variety of shades available
Super pigmented
Last for 3 hours - not a great thing but considering the price this is good. 
Sturdy packaging
Small amount of lip gloss is sufficient
Brand info not available
Ingredients not mentioned
Shades are mostly differentiated using numbers.
Availability is an issue

A great choice for budget beauty addicts, students, newbies and those looking to experiment with new colors.

Latest Haul!!! Maybelline, In Color and others....

 Hi Lovelies!!!, I know i'm posting after quite some time. Running after my son has hardly left me any time to do anything else.....what else is new right??!!! And that along with both of us being sick and this trip to my home town has zapped me of any remaining energy. Okay, enough with my rambling and let me go on with what i bought for myself 🙂 If not for retail therapy i dont know how sane i would be right now.
I bought these things over a period of two weeks, so its definitely retail therapy at work!!!!I ordered the In Color cosmetics - lip gloss and 1 eyeshadow from Snapdeal and that was one awful experience that deserves a separate post and will be doing it soon....or whenever time permits. I'm never ever gonna order from them again....
Below are the products from Incolor. The eyeshadow shade is 'Golden Bronze', but it looks to me like a Copper-ish tone. The lip gloss shades names are Blood Red (my fav), Mat Brown, Almond and Rusty Red. These goodies are so worth their money. If only they were easier to buy, i would get loads of their eyeshadows. Seriously this is good stuff. Will review them soon...ahem!!!
I bought each of them for Rs160/- You can get them much cheaper than have to look around hard.
 Second comes the Maybelline haul - I got the Tattoos one in Fierce & Tangy. I got the Maybelline eyeshadow brush as a compliment for it at Health&Glow. The foundation is really good and claims to give an air brushed look.
I also got a compact powder from Streetwear, Make remover wipes,Tresseme Shampoo, Banjaras Aloe gel and Revlon Lipstick in 'Toast of NewYork'