I Haven’t Washed My Face In More Than A Year....

I know that sounds gross, but what I really want to say is that I haven’t washed my face with soap in the last 18 months and it is the best thing I have done for my face. And my skin is thanking me for it. This natural face wash powder is a boon to those with skin problems.
Natural Face Wash

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Blue Heaven Signature Eyeliner: Review

As soon as I laid my eyes on the Blue Heaven Signature Eyeliner, I wanted it. I'm a big fan of fountain pens and the packaging reminded me of my very first pen. It was a chubby black pen just like this one and it brought back nostalgic memories.  Even though I purchased this eyeliner for its packaging, It didn't completely disappoint me. So here's my review of this cute product.

Blue Heaven Signature Eyeliner

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Guest Post: Skincare Tips Every 40-Something Needs to Know


Skincare Tips For Every 40-Something

Well, you’ve made it through the Flirty Thirties and now here you are in the Sporty Forties. I call them that because many people who have not thought much about fitness seem to arrive at the conclusion that 40-something is the age to start actually paying attention to where their bodies are headed.

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Natural Makeup - Loose Face Powder: An Organic & Chemical-Free Alternative

Let me clarify something at the very beginning itself; this post is not about any organic or natural makeup products. Rather, it is an organic/natural and chemical-free alternative that can be included in your makeup routine.

Natural Makeup

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Makeup Look For The Buzz Cut Women

Makeup Look For Buzz Cut Women

I have been sporting numerous haircuts and styles over the years, ranging from the simple layered to asymmetrical super short pixie cuts, but the buzz cut was a big step for me. I have shaved my head once before and it was for religious regions. However, going for a buzzcut hair that almost looks like a shaven head and for no apparent reason (other than my urge to do something crazy) was daunting for a couple of minutes until I raced to my bathroom, got my hubby's beard trimmer and razed off my hair.  Boy, did it feel amazing!!

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Subtle Everyday Smokey Eye Makeup Look: Neutral

Hello Ladies, I know I have been MIA quite a lot lately. Though I'm not back with a bang, I would like to make a slightly more than 'blah' entry into blogosphere again. So, here I am with an all-time favorite of almost all the makeup lovers out there - neutral everyday smokey eye makeup.

Everyday Smokey Eye Makeup

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Busy Girls' Guide To Look Mesmerizing This Fall

This is a guest post by Amy Mia Goldsmith. You read more about her by scrolling down to the bottom of the post.

The word ‘busy’ seems almost redundant. In today’s fast-paced world where we’re always running around, chasing our goals, doing our best to keep our social and love life alive, not to mention keep our homes neat, spend time with family and cram in some quality ‘me’ time into our hectic schedules. Still, we all deserve to look mesmerizing even during the longest of days.

Look Mesmerizing This Fall

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