Lakme Matte Mousse Lip and Cheek Color - Burgundy Lush & Coffee Lite: Quick Review & Swatches

Lakme Matte Mousse Lip and Cheek Color has become quite popular these days. All thanks to the wonderful shades and awesome finish. This post is gonna be a quick review and swatches kind of post as this lippy has been reviewed enough already.

10 Beauty Brands & Their Products in India Containing Parabens

India has become a melting pot for numerous beauty brands and products. There are multitudinous skincare and beauty related products available in the market. You are spoiled with choices and choose from a wide range of prices. However, do you know what you are paying for? Or, how safe it is?

10 Interesting Makeup Products Under Rs500 from ADS on Amazon

Whenever I’m free, I love looking through the Amazon website as it has a trove of offbeat and interesting makeup products and brands. During one such exploration, I came across the makeup products by ADS. ADS eyeshadow palette was my very first makeup I bought on my own, so it holds a special place in …