Makeup Haul - November + December

Makeup Haul - November + December

Stocked up on old favorites and trying out some new ones as well.

I'm trying out makeup products from Makeup Revolution and Star's Cosmetics. I'm quite surprised with the Star's Cosmetics. Even though I bought these products on a whim, they are quite good. I will be reviewing them soon. Some of my personal favorites are eyeshadows from Makeup Revolution, bright pink/fuchsia matte lippie from Maybelline and yellow matte powder from Star's Cosmetics. Continue reading "Makeup Haul - November + December"


Revlon Touch & Glow Advanced Fairness Face Wash - Review

Gives a sparkling clean skin - infused with botanical extract of 'Soapwort' which gently removes dirt oil and impurities from the skin leaving it sparkling clean.
Lightens the skin - Contains botanical extract of 'Bearberry' which helps to lighten the complexion.
Moisturized the skin - Enriched with Vitamin E, C and B5 that moisturized skin, leaving it soft and supple.
Tones the skin - Contains witch Hazel, a mild astringent which helps to reduce the size of pores.
Quantity & Ingredient:
My take on this:
I'm not a big fan of this product, so i'm just gonna give a straight up review. I hate this face wash!!! There is not other way to say this. What the company claims is a load of bull. I never write such reviews but this is the most disappointing product i have ever owned. I'm not a big fan of face washes as my face just hates them. The only face wash or cleanser that i use is Cetaphil because it doesn't leave behind any residue or dry my face. I never buy any product that talks about skin lightening. But i do go De-tanning ones. You can see the difference. Now you might be wondering why i bought this anyway right??!!! I got this as a gift and the curious cat me got the better of me.
This is a horrible face wash for sensitive skins like us. You can just feel the product residue on the face as soon as you are done washing. Now i get the 'Lightens the skin' claim. The whitish cast on the face gives an illusion of lightened skin. So lame!!!
Next comes the drying. I can feel and almost hear my skin crack up. Its so drying even on my oily skin so cant imagine what will happen if people with dry skin use it (shudder!!!)

It does a very good job of cleaning the face, in fact it does too good of a job that it strips the face of everything.
To not sound so condescending but so tempted to do that....i'm gonna say some nice things about it.
It comes in a nice, travel friendly package with a flip cap. The fragrance is nice. The price is affordable (It costs around Rs150), easily available. Thats about it!!!
Lets look at the claims again:
Cleans skin - Yes!!!
Lightens skin -  Technically yes, but read ↑ why i say this.
Mositurises - A big joke!!!
Tones & Minimises pores - Didn't stick around to check this out.
Its not worth the risk.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - Toast of New York

My take on this:
I love Revlon Lipsticks, as they have this classic look about them. To start off, the packaging is sturdy. Its a typical Revlon Lipstick packaging with a see through window on the top. I really like this as i dont have to search for the miniscule text on the bottom to figure out the shade name.
The texture or the consistency is really creamy and moisturizing and it glides on effortless when applying. This lipstick provides really opaque and provides good coverage to my pigmented lips. It is a great shade to wear during the day. It is creamy enough but doesn't bleed at the same time.This is a Brown shade with an Orange undertone to it. It suits my skin tone so I'm sure it will suit other dusky beauties out there. I'm not sure this shade will look great on cooler toned skins as the shade it self is on the warmer side. This shade adds warmth to my face and instantly brightens it. As the name suggest it is lustrous and adds a healthy shine to the smackers.It has good staying power ans lasts at least 3 hours before it fades away. Even after fading it leaves a subtle tint and moisturized feel to my lips.
Lasts long.
Covers pigmented lips
Nothing i can think of.
Its a great shade and have nothing against getting other shades from this line.

Latest Haul!!! Maybelline, In Color and others....

 Hi Lovelies!!!, I know i'm posting after quite some time. Running after my son has hardly left me any time to do anything else.....what else is new right??!!! And that along with both of us being sick and this trip to my home town has zapped me of any remaining energy. Okay, enough with my rambling and let me go on with what i bought for myself 🙂 If not for retail therapy i dont know how sane i would be right now.
I bought these things over a period of two weeks, so its definitely retail therapy at work!!!!I ordered the In Color cosmetics - lip gloss and 1 eyeshadow from Snapdeal and that was one awful experience that deserves a separate post and will be doing it soon....or whenever time permits. I'm never ever gonna order from them again....
Below are the products from Incolor. The eyeshadow shade is 'Golden Bronze', but it looks to me like a Copper-ish tone. The lip gloss shades names are Blood Red (my fav), Mat Brown, Almond and Rusty Red. These goodies are so worth their money. If only they were easier to buy, i would get loads of their eyeshadows. Seriously this is good stuff. Will review them soon...ahem!!!
I bought each of them for Rs160/- You can get them much cheaper than have to look around hard.
 Second comes the Maybelline haul - I got the Tattoos one in Fierce & Tangy. I got the Maybelline eyeshadow brush as a compliment for it at Health&Glow. The foundation is really good and claims to give an air brushed look.
I also got a compact powder from Streetwear, Make remover wipes,Tresseme Shampoo, Banjaras Aloe gel and Revlon Lipstick in 'Toast of NewYork'

Revlon Matte Lipstick - In the Red


Price & Quantity: Rs 145 for 4.2g
Ingredients: Not mentioned on the packaging.

My take on this:
This is my first matte lipstick and loving the feel of this lipstick on my lips and loving the shade as well. This is such a lovely and neutral shade of red that anyone can rock. It is the right shade of Red for first time red lipstick users. This is a safe shade as its not too bright an ladies any complexion can wear them
When it comes to the packaging , it is sturdy and has a classic Revlon packaging. The cover has a sort of matte finish to it and makes it easy to fetch them from the pile. The formula of the lipstick is smooth and glides on when applying. Its not drying unlike what i expected in matte lipsticks, but there is no harm in prepping your lips with  lip balm before applying them. It is an opaque shade that has really good pigmentation. One swipe is enough to give a decent coverage. It doesn't get runny or bleed. So no need for a lip liner just in case you don't feel like wearing them. 
This lipstick lasts really long before i need a touch. It last me about 4-5 hours even i am eating or drinking something. Now that is really good advantage. 
The only thing that bugs me is that i could not find the list of ingredients on the packaging. Not sure about this. Any word on this do let me know.

Very pigmented
Not drying 
Truly matte
Lasts really long
Does not bleed
Ingredients not listed,
Loving this shade and looking forward to get more shades.There is nothing i don't like about this lipstick other than the missing ingredients list. Its a great opaque, matte lipstick that lasts really long.