Lovely Vintage Dresses from SheInside.

I love the very concept of 'Vintage' because of the clothes and makeup of this period. These classic beauties look so elegant and beautiful. While browsing around looking for cute clothes, i came across this website , which had a Vintage section. I instantly fell in love with some of them and love to share it with you lovely ladies. So check them out!!!
Thinking of buying these lovely dresses???!!!! Then click on the dress name

White Short Sleeve Plum Flower Print Slim Dress

Champagne Long Sleeve Floral Lace Scalloped Hem Dress

White Vintage Lace Fitted Dress

Green Half Sleeve Retro Tribal Print Shift Dress

Simple Long-sleeved Striped Retro Dress

Zig Zag Jersey Dress

Slim Elegant Woman Ink Printed Cotton Dress

Pink Sleeveless Retro Print Asymmetrical Dress

Black White Vertical Stripe Floral Tank Dress

Blue Sleeveless Skyscrapers Print Chiffon Dress

Vintage Button Lapel Sleeveless Slim Dark Blue Denim Dress


A cool & humourous Job description - Would love to work with them :)

I was just Googling around to find stuff about Content Writing and hit upon this link. There is no cliched or monotonous or mind numbing common description of the job profile they are offering. Thought it would be cool to share it with you peeps. I dunno about you ladies, but i would love to work in a place like this. It would be so breathtakingly refreshing.
Interested to apply for this job???!! Head over to this link.

Using Huggies Baby wipes as Face Wipes

It feels good to a post after such a long time and it is a good time to start posting again when you have to think hard to remember your blog name 🙂
Okay we all know what baby wipes are used for and we also...well at least most of us believe that baby products are the most safest product...well it is supposed to be that way. But lately after hearing the news about the J&J approval for making baby products have been cancelled it made me think twice about using their products. Anyway here is another purpose for baby wipes.......face wipes. As i mentioned above, it is one of the reason to use baby wipes as Face Wipes.
As a result of over buying of this particular product, i have loads of them at home and was looking for ways to use them up. The first baby wipes i used  on my face was J&J's and it stung. I was put off by this and i didn't want to use it even on my baby's butt. So off with J&J, i tried Huggies and it is a sure winner.
It is like how baby wipes are supposed to be - Soft, thick, gentle on the skin and no irritating smell or allergic reactions on the skins. There is nothing fancy about the product but has complete utility value. It does a good job and that is sufficient for me. The pic above shows a pack of 80 wipes which is huge, but for traveling purpose there are smaller packs -like 10's or 20's. So convenient too!!
Okay, the next bit might be/is a reason why I'm thinking of not using it.
Now, what is 'Methyl Paraben' doing in a baby product???!!! I think we are getting enough of other forms of Parabens in our makeup products. There are some who detest Parabens and those people are not gonna go for this one.
Soft and gentle on the skin
No fragrance.
No allergic reactions.
Contains Methyl Paraben.
Since this one has Paraben in it I'm looking at Himalaya Baby wipes now. Will let you know how it goes. 🙂
The topic of 'Paraben' is quite not clear to me, so any comments on this are welcome and would serve as information to others as well.

My Tresses with TRESemme


I am one of TRESemme's million happy customer and would recommend this one to my friends and foes as well. Why punish my foes right??!!! Let me be their savior and lead them away from other lousy products that dont work. Aren't i an entitled messiah??!!! Just because i'm just goody good person doesn't mean i'm gonna mince words about what i dont like. This is my entry for the contest conducted by IndiBlogger and obviously sponsored by TRESemme.

TRESemme introduced their range of shampoos and conditioners that are good enough to be used as a professional care to out wonderful tresses. Like any girl out there, i was dying to try them out and see if they would work miracles on my hair. TRESemme was kind enough send me their climate control shampoo and conditioner. Though i used both the climate control conditioner as well as the shampoo, i'm  here to profess my love for the conditioner. I'm one of those people who have problematic  hair. Hell!!! I have problematic everything so why should hair be an exception.
 Like i was saying, the conditioner works for me. My hair is so oily near my scalp and fried up towards the hard and this made it really difficult for me to find one conditioner that would not weigh down my hair and make it look greasy and at the same time it should moisturize my hair. As easy and simple as it may sound, there isn't many conditioner out there that works under this least for me. The conditioners that i had previously used would make my hair look and feel greasy and styling my hair when its this way is such a turn off. Who want to style a yucky looking hair right??!!! 
This conditioner doesn't weigh on my hair, doesn't make it look greasy and above all gives some conditioning that my hair desperately needs. When it comes to frizz its doesn't perform like it claims , at least not entirely. My  hair is soft but at the same time the frizz is there too. Its not how it used to be, all big and fuzzy but its still there. Considering it falls short of their claims, i feel that this one works for me for the time being and I can finally say that i have found my summer conditioner (yes i have different ones for different weather conditions) This is because i have seen products really moisturize hair and control frizz but at the same time weigh down my hair. This conditioner is a decent bargain for my hair condition . There are other things too i love about it, like its fragrance and its consistency. Its not too runny or too thick for my liking and the fragrance is not overpowering like some of them available in the market.
 I am  happy with them (just the conditioner) and tried out some of their hair styles available on YT. Here's the link: 
It comes in a convenient and practical packaging, so a plus there too. Now about the shampoo, okay there is nothing great to write about this one. This just like any other one and it doesn't control the frizz one bit. In fact its drying and does the opposite of what its supposed to do. When comparing the shampoo with the conditioner, the shampoo is a complete let down and needs to be worked on. The claims by the product need to be substantiated with evidence. Wow!!! i sounded like a lawyer there, right!!! i wish!!! 🙂
They had introduced so many other styling products that you can check it out here, but i'm excited about the Keratin Smooth range. Dying to try them out and other products as well.
Final word?!!! I love using this frizz controlling conditioner and no second thoughts about it.

My FIR on Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo & Conditioner

I so wanted to take part in the Sunsilk Perfect Straight contest by IndiBlogger and ordered my self this free sample. I ordered this as soon as the contest began but received them just now (one day prior to the last day) Phew!!! Talk about getting there at the last second. Now lets get to the part where i used them and lets see how it has fared.
What it claims:
Advanced straight lock technology formula: Penetrates deep within the hair fiber, reducing frizz and straightening strands, keeping them fully aligned as they dry. Results that have to be seen to be believed.
Price & Quantity:
Shampoo - Rs110/- for 180ml
Conditioner - 90ml for......???? couldn't find the price
My take on them:
I wanted to name this post as seen above because......well because it sounded really catchy 🙂 
Since i got the goodies only one day before the last date for this contest, all i could give was one try and record my first impression of them. 
I got them neatly wrapped and with a cute bow, I liked them and appreciate this cute gesture even though they sent it to me as a free sample. Next comes the packaging, I just LOVE the colour of the packaging.It might sound a bit silly but a cute packaging actually makes you look forward to using the product. So full marks for the packaging. 
The fragrance is girly but not overtly so. I'm not one of those women who want to smell like a fruit or a flower so its needless to say that fruity smells turn me off, but this product didn't do any such thing. In fact, its apt for people like me who are not too much in to girly stuff. The shampoo comes in a pearlascent, runny liquid form and looks so pretty (gushing!!!)....okay...i like shiny things 🙂 So another satisfying check mark on my list. 
Now to the real stuff - Like i said, i didn't have time to experiment the shampoo and the conditioner on separate days, so i will be giving a combined review of them. As usual i washed my hair with Perfect Straight Shampoo and felt my hair to be clean and light. Too bad i didn't have enough time to see their result after drying my hair. Next comes the conditioner, i used them the usual way and let the rest for couple of minutes before washing them off in luke warm water. Dried my hair and used a fine tooth comb when almost dry. 
How it looked in the end??!!!!! It was less frizzy and this is a huge difference to me as I'm Ms.Frizzz. So here i am with less frizzy hair that looks awesome and of course is very manageable.My hair feels so bouncy!!! The effect lasts long, even after several hours of being outside. If you were expecting a needle straight effect, WAKE UP!!!! Like that is ever gonna happen because of a shampoo. I wasn't expecting such a result and it actually surpassed my expectation.Its not gonna work...not much on a curly hair as the effect on my wavy hair is only to a medium level. I'm not sure of the shampoo and the conditioner works individually, but i'm super happy with their combined usage.
I know my review could be a bit confusing. Am i gloating about it or bitching about it???!!!! All i'm saying is for the money one pays for this, its worth it.Will I get them again???? 
What do you think!!! Of course yeah!!!!


Weekly Roundup: 25th Feb to 3rd March 2013

Here is the round up of this week's posts under a single post. Click on the pics to go their reviews.
Product Reviews: 
Moisture Lock Lipstick - Luscious Wine
 L.A Colors Moisture Lock Lipstick - Luscious Wine.
Remington S2002 Hair Straightener.

Going on 30 and still beleiving in Santa

Pic courtesy:
 Wishing you all a merry Christmas. May this festival bring all the joy and prosperity in your life!!!
 This is such an appropriate post for this Christmas season. Before explaining what the post title means, i would like to mention that what is expressed below are my sentiments and opinions. Though i'm not a christian i have strong spiritual connections to this religion.
Saying this let me go ahead with the post. Whenever i think of Christmas the first thing that comes to my mind is the Xmas themed movies that comes during this season. This might be childish considering the deeper meaning of this festival. Let me explain it more clearly; These movies are the first visual explanation of this festival for me and the movies always portrayed them to be very cheery hopeful. This is what struck a chord in me. This season is all about Hope and miracles and it inspires me so much to the point that i still believe in Santa. I know I'm too old to believe in Santa but if i could have all the hope in this world and not be so pessimistic and actually believe in miracles, then i shall be this naive person that the world perceives me to be. Let me be that person who has no sense of reality, let me be the one who lost her marbles. I would give anything in this world to have the innocence of a child who believes that good thing can happen, miracles can happens and not let this pessimistic world affect them. The simple belief in Santa is a fine example of Hope and innocence rolled together. In this day and age, there is so much negativity around and its sooo hard to keep your faith in miracles and simply have hope in good things in life. I know this festival is more than just Santa to so many and me too. Keeping aside the spiritual and religious aspect of Santa, I beleive in him for he inspires and encourages me to have hope and to believe in miracles. 
I know he is not gonna come down the chimney as i dont have one at home, know for sure there isn't going to be any presents in the morning by the tree. But one thing is sure, he sure does bring a smile to my face and hope in my heart. And what better way to look forward for a brand new year ahead.

Cowards of India

Caution: Have used  cuss words, if you cant stomach this, i wonder how you are bearing the rest of the shit that happens in this country. Sorry of I’m being blunt!!! If my words makes you cringe, ignore them but not the underlying theme of this article.
We all know what happened recently to young physiotherapist in Delhi. We have all heard about the gory details as to how she was repeatedly raped and tortured. But when I heard it all I had was this feeling of  Déjà vu. This isn’t the first time such thing is happening in Delhi or any other part of this country. Check back the archives of any newspapers and you will find such incidents of rape and molestations happening on a daily basis. Any girl you know will recount with horror and disgust as to the molestations she had to go through during her commute. When traveling in public transport, its an open sign for perverts to consider women as public properties to be used and abused. You might be where I’m going with this topic, so let me explain. Quoting the above case, you would have also read that after thrown of from the bus by these rapists, that girl was on the road naked and bleeding for an entire hour before the police and medical help could reach her. Nobody bothered to cover up this poor child. WE call out country ‘Bharath matha’, your mother, but you left that child in the open for all the eyes to see, baring her of her dignity and respect. The rapist who torture her aren’t the only cowards here, those people who witnessed her laying on the road and did nothing are cowards and should be punished as well. I wonder if such thing happened to their own kin they would remain such cowards. Beware woman of such men’s family!!!! These men would not protect you. The definition of man is often associated with virility and bravery. There are epics where men gave their life to save others. Where are those men. You don’t have to give your life, but at least do something to call yourself a human..
Men in this country consider women to be weak both physically as well as mentally and put them down on disrespect them at every opportunities. With your lack of actions, you are the weak one here. Starting from minor but nevertheless revolting behavior of verbally and physically abusing women in public, the common public or the so called ‘Men’ in this society keep their mouths shut and do nothing towards such atrocities. This post goes to such fine outstanding citizens, be a man and own up to your responsibilities or accept that you are fucking cowards!!!!
You know the saddest thing about this, the people, the government, the media will forget the entire incident after the sensation dies off……..until such a crime happens again.
Am not judgmental, but you know this is the truth and this is what is going to happen……unless strong laws that are followed  irrespective of bribing or the influence of person with power happens. 
I want to walk the streets of my city, my country without fear of being raped or molested. Will this dream come true???