Cetaphil Moisturising Cream - Review

Cetaphil Moisturising Cream
I know it looks like I squeezed the life out of it, actually I did do that. I made sure I got everything from it. Sorry, I thought I had taken a pic of it when it was full. I was wrong!!!
My skin has changed since I moved to Bangalore. Cant say I'm ecstatic about it but it sure beats have a greased pan like face all the time. Now my  face cant decide whether its oily or dry, so I shuffle between Emolene and this one at the moment. Before I go in depth about this product I just want to mention that it works at Bangalore like weathers, in short it doesn't work in places with high humidity a.k.a Chennai . God!!! It feels like a wet blanket on my face here( in Chennai)

Quantity & Price:  80g (sorry cant remember the price)


Cetaphil Moisturising Cream

My take on this:

Great moisturizer. Don't be fooled by the label which suggests 'for dry to sensitive skin' I have oily and sensitive skin and it works fine on me, doesn't make me break out and it isn't too rich. I put it on just before bed as a nighttime moisturizer and my skin feels soft and supple in the morning. It has a mild and almost negligible fragrance to it, which makes it a great option for sensitive skins. The squeezable tube makes it convenient to carry and the flip cap is tight enough to avoid any leakage.
The consistency is between a cream and a lotion and is easy to blend. It gets absorbed pretty quickly and the skin feels well moisturized but doesn't look greasy. When its too hot, I use this product in moderation.This is one of the products I purchase repeatedly and swear by its efficiency.I prefer this to the Cetaphil lotion, as I'm not a big fan as its too thick in consistency and feels heavy on my skin.
Cetaphil Moisturising Cream

Paraben free
Mild scent
Easy to blend
No allergic reactions.
Maybe bit too much in hot and humid weather.

Let me know your take on it and please do comment. Thanks!!

Sayanora Chicas!!