Coloressence Compact - Dusky

What it claims:
The unique soft textured powder helps to control sweat and give a smooth coverage to the skin, thereby hiding the spots and freckles.
Price & Quantity: Rs106/- for 10g (From Style Craze)
Aloevera extract, Rose oil, clove oil
My take on this:

This product is the 2nd lowest in terms of price that i could find under the 'Compacts' section in Style Craze.
The compact comes in a see through packaging which looks quite cheap and is not sturdy. The sponge applicator that comes along could have been a bit better. It feel like its made of cotton fabric and picks up a lot of the product but only less (compared to what it picks up) gets transferred on to the face. 
The products feels chalky to touch and has a slight fragrance to it.There are 4 shades available in this range. There is a good possibility that the one you buy might not exactly suit ones complexion. The one i chose 'Dusky' had a yellow undertone that brightens face instantly and suits me as well.

It gives a matte finish on applying and feels a bit heavy and uncomfortable on the face.Though after some time it begins to feel normal. This reminds me of the time i used to smear Fullers earth powder on my face. I feel the same way, the heaviness of the powder on my face. After some time, i had some itching sensation. That scared me and i washed it off. I also did see a small breakout but not sure if its because of the product or the humidity here.
It does control oil and sweat for two hours. As far as their claim to hide spots and freckles goes, it provides minimum coverage. I can feel a drying effect on the face so this product is a big no for people with dry face.

Before blending!!

Compact on the Right most part of the hand 
100% vegetarian
Contains Aloevera extract, Rose oil and clove oil.
Gives matte finish.
Controls oil.
Complete ingredients not mentioned
Coverage is minimum.
Feels a bit heavy on the face.
Makes me itchy.
Might cause breakouts.
It delivers the matte finish that it claims, but it feel uncomfortable and makes me itch, so its a no go for me.  

  • LipJunkie101

    I think its better for us sensitive skin ppl to stick to formulas that say hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance free, and paraben free, and that's a real toughie coz not many products are made exactly that way.

  • Sudhaa Gopinath

    Its best to go for these, but like you said there isn't many products that are made that way. So we have to venture in to the dangerous world of cosmetics to look for products that suit us

  • Jennifer Bobby

    hi sudhaa........ i like compacts with some coverage, also i am dry-skinned, so not for me.........the price is very tempting though.........:) btw, im ur new follower.....since i am dusky too, ur reviews will surely help me..... 🙂

  • Sudhaa Gopinath

    Hi Jennifer!!Thanks for following!!! You are right, the prices are too tempting 🙂 Too bad they are not good enough. Following your blog too