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Ear Cuffs - Cool Accessories to Flaunt: Drool-Worth Ear Cuff Images

In love with these ear cuffs. I know I can't rock this trend but I can still drool at it right!!! Here are some ear cuff images to drool at.

Ear cuffs are gaining popularity and is quite the rage these days. But do you know the history of ear cuff and how they came about?

The first type of ear cuff ever recorded is more than 2000 years old. It was called a Kaffa. Unlike today's ear cuffs, it did not require any piercing for it to be worn. They were worn as a symbol to reflect their wealth and status in the society. Kaffas  were also seen in some of the artworks from ancient Indian, dating back to the 12th Century. These Kaffas were made using precious metals and stones, which were worn mostly at weddings and celebrations.

Ear cuffs has crossed so many centuries and is now popular among fashionistas and socialites alike.

Breathtaking Ear Cuff Images:

ear cuff images

 A Touch of Mythology - Ear Cuff Images:

ear cuff images
Love the makeup too!!
 Ain't these ear cuff images drool worthy? They are super cool and cute at the same time.Was just thinking, what if we could wear them on both ears how would it be????
Let me know what's your opinion on this and which is your favorite amongst all the ear cuff images!!!Well, the one below is my fav one 🙂
ear cuff images
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