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Couture Paris Negative Ion Hot Brush | Review & Demo

2016 was a great year for some interesting hair trends like straight hair, buzz cuts, pastel hues, choker hair, short fringes, puns (I guess its cross between a ponytail and a bun), headbands, sleek ponytails, and  more. Though I like a straight hair any day, personally, I go for the natural straight sort of smoothened hair than the needle straight ones.

Couture Paris Negative Ion Hot Brush | Review & Demo

My pursuit for natural-looking straight hair had initially led me to my very first flat iron – Remington Hair Straightener. I was a decent flat iron but I was not blown away by it.

I was still on the lookout for a good and easy to use styling tool when I saw a video of a brush-type hair straightener on Facebook. I found it to cost around 300 USD and that is too expensive for me. So, I had to keep looking for an affordable option.

This is when the Couture Paris Negative Ion Hot Brush comes in. I came across this one during my trip to Dubai. I saw it in a Jose’ Eber counter- As you are aware, Jose Eber is known for great hair styling tools and products.


250 AED (Approximately 5000 INR)

My Thoughts on Couture Paris Negative Ion Hot Brush:

Couture Paris Negative Ion Hot Brush

The hot brush looks exactly like a paddle brush and straightening your hair is just like combing through my hair. It’s as simple as that.  This Hot Brush is quite sturdy and comes in a travel-friendly box that makes sure the bristles aren’t damaged during transit.

Brush Side of Couture Paris Negative Ion Hot Brush

The first thing that draws your attention is the bright red nodes on the bristles. They play an important role of not letting the hot bristles damage your scalp by going too close to it. So it has to be made sure that the nodes or the bristles are not kept face down anytime and especially when the hot brush is on/hot.

Temperature Regulation in Couture Paris Negative Ion Hot Brush

The brush comes with an On/Off button and + and – button that can be used to regulate the temperature.

Temperature Display in Couture Paris Negative Ion Hot Brush

The LCD display clearly gives the current temperature. It starts at a minimum temperature and goes up to a default temperature of 150 degree Celsius. The recommended temperature setting is 230, so you need to use the + button to increase the temperature.

The temperature might sound too high, I know, I had the same concern too. The sales rep clarified that this is not the direct temperature on the hair, but the temperature needed to heat the tourmaline ceramic heating plates.

Swivel Cord in Couture Paris Negative Ion Hot Brush

The swivel cord allows comfortable usage of the hot brush without getting all entangled.

The hot brush should be used the same way as a paddle brush and a flat iron. Run the brush through your hair like a comb, and like a flat iron, go at a steady pace without pausing anywhere for a long time.

The end result is pretty impressive. The Couture Paris Negative Ion Hot Brush leaves my hair soft and shiny. I didn’t observe this in any of my other flat iron I owned previously. I am seriously impressed by this.

It doesn’t burn my hair and the smoothness lasts at least for 3 days. It could last more but I usually wash my hair by 3rd day as it gets greasy.

Before and After Pic - Couture Paris Negative Ion Hot Brush

The above pic was taken as soon as the rep had straightened my entire hair. Though I like it, I’m not a huge fan of a super straight hair. So, when I do it, I go for a smoothened look that makes my hair looked tamed and elegant.

Here's a demo of how this hot brush works:

Some Tips From Me:

  • Hold the brush near to swivel cord to avoid mistakenly pressing the temperature buttons or get burned from the hot plates.
  • Always use on freshly washed or oil-free hair as oil and heat is a bad combination for hair.
  • Personally, I over condition my hair to compensate for the heat damage to my hair.
  • Avoid any serums containing alcohol as it further dries up the hair.
  • Avoid running the brush through the same area multiple times.
  • Style your hair in small portion to avoid over heating your hair.


  • Smooth and shiny hair
  • Nodes for avoiding damage to scalp
  • Tourmaline and ceramic heating plate allows even heat distribution
  • Temperature can be regulated
  • LCD display to see the current temperature
  • Swivel cord for ease of use


  • Not easily available in India
  • Cost may be slightly high for some


The price may be slightly expensive for a less familiar brand but the results are impressive. I’m in love with this styling tool and have no regrets regarding it.

Thanks for reading, folks!! Do comment below and share your thoughts on this product. 

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