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Emolene Cream for Dry Skin Treatment - Also for oily skin

What it claims:
The hydro nourisher that restores the natural moisture balance.
Price & Quantity: Rs102/- for 50g
My take on this:
This is probably a dream come true for most oily face (my opinion anyway) as we always have a problem when it comes to finding a moisturiser that actually moisturises without the sticky or heavy feel to it. I found this accidentally as it was actually prescribed for my son by his paediatric. The appearance of the tube is pretty much down to earth and not fancy at all as this is a prescriptive medicine. It says cream on the tube but I'm not sure if i want to call that as its somewhere in between a cream and a gel.

Its translucent and feel like gel. The gel (I'm going with gel...) feels light and gets readily absorbed in to the skin. Only a smal quantity is required and a single tube lasts really long. There is not heaviness or oiliness on using and it doesn't leave behind any residue or make me appear ghostly I have been using this for more than a  year now, even during the hot summer in Noida, and its been good.
The down side of this gel is that it doesn't provide enough moisturization during colder weather. So for the winter, my search for the suitable moisture to use during winter still continues. Anyway, this product suits my face and am going to use it until the winter. Now about the smell, it is very very mild, in fact is negligible. This product is pretty safe and even though its recommended for dry skin treatment it works like a dream on my oily skin as well.
One more important point to note. It works in 'Hot & Dry' weather but not 'Hot & Humid'. Even in the latter weather condition, only a small amount of oiliness is present. 
On Applying
Its completely absorbed by the skin




Feel light to wear
No oiliness on face
Suits even oily skin.
Lasts long as only small quantity is required.
Starts to become oily under humid conditions.
Its nothing fancy but it does its job very well and I'm in love with this gel/moisturiser. So will be using it for a long time to come or till i find something much..much better than this one.

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