Fitness Journal: Getting Out of Sedentary Life

The past 5 years i have been lazy and that coupled with health issues, I have let go of my fitness. I don't weigh as much as I used to when i had thyroid issues, but i still haven't lost some of my pregnancy weight and am definitely not in shape. Some might argue that round is a shape but i don't even want to humour that anymore.

I'm quite serious about losing weight and staying fit (about time huh!!!). I have started going to the gym now and started off with cardio and some exercises for my flabby arms. It's a small step but a steady one nonetheless. I want to make sure that I workout at least 5 times a week and steadily increase the intensity of my workouts. I want to keep  updating my workout routines and track my progress as a way to keep myself on track to workout regularly.
My Workout Routine:
Cardio: Total- 45 mins
Treadmill - 20 mins
Eliptical - 10 mins
Cycling - 10 mins
Upper body/Arm Exercises:
Bicep curl - 15reps x 3 sets
Front press - 15reps x 3 sets
90 deg raise - 15reps x 3 sets
Tricep kickbacks - 15reps x 3 sets
Standing shoulder fly - 15reps x 3 sets
Reverse Curl - 15reps x 3 sets
Right now I'm only using a 1kg dumbbell and will gradually moving on to bigger weights. I'm not hoping to bulk up or anything but to just tone my body.
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