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Get Great Skin with Dermarollers

There are like gazillion options when it comes to treating skin issues. Out of them, one of the best option available to you is the Dermarollers. Depending on the type of skin condition you have, they are used accordingly to work wonders by restoring your skin's health.

Get Great Skin with Dermarollers

What is a Dermaroller & What is The Process All About?

Dermaroller is a type of micro-needling treatment where the micro-needling devices are covered in very small needles that puncture the skin. They are used for several different skincare and health purposes. For example, since Dermaroller treatment increases blood flow to the treated area and can help to encourage hair growth. For this reason, it is sometimes used on the scalp area of those who are experiencing hair loss.

Of course, Dermarollers can also be used to treat a variety of other issues, including scars and wrinkles. It also has some benefits that cosmetic laser devices can't provide. For instance, laser treatment can't always be used on those with sensitive skin as it can irritant the skin further. Micro-needling treatments, Dermaroller in particular, can be a bit less harsh and much more tolerable for those people.

What Dermaroller Treatment Can Do for You?

In addition to increasing blood flow in a given area, Dermaroller treatments can also aid in creating more collagen. This added collagen can help to smooth out both shallow as well as deeper wrinkles over time. For these very reasons, micro-needling are used to treat old acne scars and certain other scars as well. Sun damage can also be fairly reversed through the use of a Dermaroller device.

If all of these reasons are not convincing enough for you to try Dermaroller, here’s one more convincing reason. The tiny needles used create microscopic columns in your skin temporarily. They are a bit like open tunnels down to the lower layers of skin that you can't see. That can be quite handy when it comes time to apply medicated creams or lotions to your skin because they can easily travel down through each skin layer using those columns.

Can Dermaroller Treatments Be Performed Outside/ Not in a Clinic:

There are two ways to have a Dermaroller treatment; one way is to go to your local skincare clinic and schedule an appointment. Another is to buy an at-home Dermaroller kit and perform the treatment on yourself. While both are valid options, many people prefer the clinical treatment option because at-home treatment is not as easy as it seems.
In order to perform the treatment in your own home, you still have to clean and sterilize the treatment area. You also have to follow the directions exactly and use the proper serums and creams, as needed. In addition to that, you might experience more discomfort than you would like. On the other hand, in a clinical setting, certified professionals can monitor your discomfort level for you and do their best to make the process comfortable.

How Often You Need Dermaroller Treatment?

The duration of the Dermaroller treatments vary from one person to another. The needles can be different sizes, and the size of the area being treated can be small or large. With all of these factors, it's impossible to give a concrete number of days/waiting period between treatments. However, your skin has to heal after one treatment before you have another. Therefore, you may need to wait for more than a month between treatments. Under these circumstances, your skincare clinician is the qualified person to tell you the best time frame for you.

Dermarollers are not a common knowledge as of now. I hope that this post on this topic has shed some light on this topic.

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