I am what I am....A Dark Indian Women!!!!

Its a common feeling in India and most of South east Asia that, to be Beautiful is to be Fair skinned. No wonder there are loads of Ads for becoming unrealistically practical over an unrealistic period of seven days. Come on people, use that common sense a bit. Do you really think for the amount of money you are going to spend you can end up with several shades fairer that how you are right now??!!! There is small thing called melanin level that you re born with. This is your natural, born shade. To alter this to greater extent actually harms you in the long run (Try remembering Micheal Jackson). Most of us common people(not celebrities and rich, spoiled brats) don't even think of going for plastic surgeries(cosmetic) thinking thats its not needed or  that its not economic or that its not safe but never realize that trying to drastically change our complexion has similar health hazards.

Now lets talk about the Indian mentality regarding complexions.We Indians (the fairer ones especially) make sure that the darker beauties in our country are something to be criticized and looked down. I for myself am a dark beauty. At times I'm dusky and at times I'm just dark! I accepted this fact only a couple of years ago and feeling happy about the revelation. 
In North India, this discrimination over you complexion is very blatant. They form lowly opinion of you before they even talk to you, just based on your complexion. i hate this kind of behavior but i never let those cheap-ass skanks to undermine me. 
My principle is that you can groom yourself to look better. To have clearer skin without tans and any marks. Now that is a face that will look beautiful irrespective of the complexion. Keep you skin/face acne free, scar free and tan free, groom your eyebrows and keep them in shape. Now look at yourself and ask this, aren't I beautiful??? 
My inspiration or a role model is a wonderful women, Uma Preva. She is a role model to me because in her i see everything i want to be. To be happy with myself, my complexion and my beauty. And she is one hellava talented women when it comes to grooming herself. I find her makeup skills to be bold, wild, awesome and mainly confident. I consider her my role model because she is one of us, not some celebrity but a next door girl. This is her blog. Do check it out for fashion and beauty tips

If you think you have some skin problems that is not letting you shine at you best, consult a dermatologist who will prescribe you the necessary for it. Instead, many people opt for commercially available creams or buy themselves the dermatology based creams without prescription. Don't forget that even though they are creams, they are drugs and taking drugs without doctor's suggestion is definitely not going to do you any good.
I have a perfect case study to explain this point. I used to suffer from inferiority complex because of my dark skin. I would try anything to become even a bit fairer. I even went for all the creams available in the market as well as the ones marketed by Avon, Oriflame and so many other companies but nothing worked. I went to beauty parlours, went for facial after facial. One for removing tan, one for lightening skin and one for???...i don't remember anymore. Still nothing worked. Finally, at last i went to a dermatologist suggested by my friend and discovered that i have sensitive skin where my skin gets easily tanned and takes longer to return to my usual complexion. Without this knowledge in hand, I would still be looking for something or the other to improve my complexion. The Doc then prescribed me some creams that treats my sensitive skin first and asked me to refrain from facials as much as possible. When i look back at all those time i went for facials, bleaches and beauty creams, I cringe at the thought of how much i must have tortured my skin. Now with the skin problems gone and with proper grooming i look my best and most importantly am happy about it.
I' not saying all those expensive creams from reputed companies don't work. All i'm saying is, when the time comes (usually when creams don't work for YOU) consult a dermatologist to know your skin. This is my only advice.
One has to realize (especially women) that beauty is beauty no matter how dark or fair you are. Be who you are and believe you are beautiful!!!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/01726131945771953708 K.N.Prasenna

    hi sudhaa gopinath,
    u r beautiful...in malaysia tan colour is considered royal........

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02815454048007934337 Sudhaa Gopinath

    Thanx for your compliment Prasenna!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    You are gorgeous. Fair is extremely overrated!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/08264003752049502469 Mansherin

    this is a great piece Sudhaa..! Fair is beautiful in India..!