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Incolor Dynamic Liquid Eyeliner: Review & Swatches

Incolor is one of those off brands available in India. They have a variety of products like the popular brands and their price is, at times, at par with the popular brands available in India. Here’s one such product from Incolor.

Incolor Dynamic Liquid Eyeliner: Review & Swatches


Incolor Dynamic Liquid Eyeliner - Ingredients
PEG-30 Dipolyhydroxystearate, Ammonium Methacrylate Copolymer, Aqua, Sodium Hyalauronate, 2-Phenoxyethanol, CI 77499

Price & Quantity:

Incolor Dynamic Liquid Eyeliner - Price & Quantity
I bought this for Rs.299/- from Amazon. You can buy it here.

My Thoughts on Incolor Dynamic Liquid Eyeliner:

For a relative less popular brand, Incolor has a decent variety of makeup products, I have used their matte lippies – Incolor Colorstay Liquid Lipstick; though not the best matte liquid lipstick, it has a good variety of shades in this line. They have a good selection of Matte Lip Creams, Blushers, Primer, Eyeliners, Single Eyeshadows, Lipsticks and more.
You can check out their entire range here.
Now, about this product.

 Incolor Dynamic Liquid Eyeliner

The product comes in a black with bright purple packaging. Nothing great about it. The seller has mentioned the MRP as Rs.599/- (what were they thinking). The seller (not the brand) also mentioned the shelf life to be 4 years. Are any makeup products supposed to last that long? This did make me nervous about the product.


 Incolor Dynamic Liquid Eyeliner Tip

The Incolor Dynamic Liquid Eyeliner is a pen stylus eyeliner. It resembles like a sketch pen with a sharp and precise tip. Initially, the tip felt a little stiff, however with time it has softened enough. The tip is long, sharp and flexible enough to draw a perfect winged eyeliner or get that sexy cat eyes. It is so compact and cute it can fit into even a small-sized purse.
One noticeable aspect is that when I apply it on my eyeshadow, it sort of absorbs it and looks muddy. It doesn’t have that dark black color to it. And on a makeup-less eyelid, it looks fine.

I’m just glad that it has a mild chemical-ish smell to it and can be ignored.

Unlike the Mistine Maxi Eyeliner, the Incolor eyeliner leaves a slightly glossy finish. This is a fine balance between flat matte and stellar shine.

 Incolor Dynamic Liquid Eyeliner - Finish

Staying Power:
It has a pretty good staying power and lasts for at least 7 hours easily. After that, I lost track of it.

It is retailed at Rs.299/- The price is quite affordable but the catch is, there are lots of branded stylus eyeliners available in the market. Some of them are Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner, Essence Eyeliner Pen, Colorbar Ultimate Eyeliner, Maybelline Colossal Eyeliner and more.

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  • Affordable
  • Does not contain Parabens
  • Lasts long


  • Little bit overpriced considering this is a not-so-popular brand
  • Looks muddy when applied on top of eyeshadow
  • Brand did not mention the shelf life


Sure, this is one is affordable. The big question is, do you want to buy an off brand eyeliner pen when you can get a branded one with a couple of extra bucks.

What are your thoughts on this product? Do comment below and let us know.

Thanks for reading!

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