J&J's Baby Cologne a.k.a Body Splash for Sensitive Skin

As i was getting some meds for me at a local pharmacy and came across this Baby Cologne. I wondered why babies even needed it and read on it that it keeps the body cool and fresh. An idea came upon me and i bought them immediately 
We all know Johnson & Johnson caters to baby and most of them if not all are safe enough to be used on them. Well we are aware than a sensitive skin is much more or similar to a baby skin and needs so much pampering. As summer is fast here and the need and usage of deos are drastically increasing, it is a nightmare for people like me with sensitive underarms. The deos burn our skin and powders are hardly sufficient. What would one do under such condition?? Well it is not even an option to go around stinking up the place, so here is my solution to this problems.
This baby cologne is safe enough to be used on my sensitive skin. Saying this, i did try using them after i shaved my underarms (what!!! i was in a hurry) and it did sting. I use the word 'Sting' rather than 'Burn' because that was the amount of discomfort i felt and it lasted for couple of seconds. What else can be expected after putting cologne on freshly shaved skin even though its a baby cologne. Looking at the ingredients below you can see that there is Alcohol and castor oil. 
For a start, it is great for sensitive skin,  and does it job of being a cologne. The smell is just awesome, it has a fresh and clean fragrance to it. Since its originally meant for babies, there are few drawback in its performance. It keeps you fresh only for couple of hours. I tested it and it lasted me for about 3 hours under optimum conditions. By optimum i mean, not sweat like a horse condition. It is safe to use them if you spend most of your time in well aerated place. If you have to run around in the sun a lot or have to sweat out for reason only know to you 😉 then this wont be enough for you.
The other drawback is the packaging, i just dont like them as i tend to spill more than i get them on me. I fixed this with something really simple and cheap. I switched them to a spritzing bottle which cost about Rs175/- and Tadah!!! my very own body splash 🙂
 It cost me only Rs125/- so it is easy on the pocket. The cologne didn't dry my skin out or my baby's. I just used on my son once and i prefer to keep it that way. For some reason, cologne on a baby scares me.
Easy on the pocket.
Sensitive skin friendly
Smells awesome
Doesn't dry out my skin.
Inconvenient packaging
Doesn't last longer under extreme conditions
Gonna buy my second bottle soon!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/onlygraymattermatters Gagan Preet

    Dear Sudhaa, thanks for this review. I read till the end and got to know you used it on your baby only once as you are not sure how perfumes go on baby's sensitive skin. Also u mentioned u applied it to freshly shaved underarms. Dear PEG 40 is NOT castor oil and u actually exposed urself to smthng very harmful by applying it to shaved skin. I write a baby blog and have reviewed a few baby perfumes where I have explained the ingredients in detail including PEG40. If interested, u can check kidsproductreviewsblog.blogspot.in.

  • http://shadesforduskywomen.blogspot.in/ Sudhaa Gopinath

    Thanks a lot Gagan Preet. I was not aware of this. Thanks a lot for sharing this info with me. Cant believe there would be something so toxic in a baby cologne