Lakme Complexion Care Cream - Bronze: Review & FOTD

This is my current go-to face product. Initially I was upset that there was only 3 shades available. but luckily the shade 'Bronze' suited me and am ecstatic about it. So obviously I will be reviewing about the shade' Bronze' here.

When I saw their ad featuring Sarah Jane and when she said 'I found this awesome product' I actually snorted. In spite of my obvious sarcasm I went for this one as the other BB cream's shades weren't suiting me or they had this 'Fairness' aspect in them. On choosing this 'Amazing product' (no sarcasm here) I really did fall in love with it. I have been using it for more than 2 months now and loving it bit more every time I use it.
The first thing I love about this product is its fragrance. I JUST LOVE IT. It smells so familiar yet i'm not able to place it exactly. It makes me feel nostalgic, like some old memory. Every time I take a whiff, I do it for this very feeling and rewarded by this blossoming happy feeling. I know it may feel exaggerated that I have spoken so much about the fragrance but this is the best thing about it for me.
Now about it claims, It does conceal...a bit. It provides light to medium coverage at the max. This is okay with me as I don't use Concealer on a daily basis. It definitely evens out my skin,  brightens my face and gives me that glow without making me look shiny on my already oily face. A bright face does look fresh so it does good in its other claim too. Initially it looks a bit too much, like washed out. But gradually it settles down to a nice glow-y finish. It doesn't work too well when it comes to moisturizing. A dry face would still need a moisturizer before using this product. On an oily face, one could skip moisturizing or go with a very light form of moisturizer.

Now about the claims of healing and protecting, I agree with 'Protecting' as there is SPF20 in it. I wish it had bit more SPF like 30 in it as Indian weather does need that much. If I were to go outside using this product, I would still need to put on additional sunscreen because this one doesn't have sufficient SPF in it.

There is an info card along with the package with the directions on how to use it; For me, the amount suggested on the pic is not enough and blending with fingers leaves it streaky as I find it tad difficult to spread it. I use my stippling brush to do that just and it leaves a smooth and streak less finish.
The best way for me to use this is to use it over a primer. I find that this way makes it easy to blend with my fingers and little product goes a long way.
My face becomes a bit shiny with oil after some time without powder, so need to set it with a mattifying powder or can use a mattifying primer underneath.
Here is my FOTD using this product:
Price, Quantity & Ingredient details:

Price: Rs250/- for 30ml

Awesome fragrance.
Evens out skin.
Brightens and freshens face.
Contains SPF20
Little difficult to blend.
Provides only light coverage.
Only 2 shades are available.
Not enough SPF.
Doesn't provide sufficient moisturization.
Not Sure:
Not sure about it claims of 'Protects'.
Hope you liked the review.
Sayanora Chicas!!!

  • Niesha

    This is my current favorite along with ponds bb. Nice review Sudha!:)