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My Latest Updates -Tattoos and Hairstyle

My Latest Updates -Tattoos and Hairstyle

Its been an incredibly long time since I  blogged regularly. Things have been challenging on the personal front with lots of changes and the dire need to adapt. Thought of letting you guys know my latest updates.

Not to be cryptic or anything, they will be revealed in its own time. A lot of positive things happened in 2017 and well into 2018. 'Change' seems to be the theme of the year 🙂

Latest update #1- Tattoos

Now, about my latest tattoo: my recent tattoo is an expression of my current state of mind and life, and how I want to take my life forward.

The wings tattoo on my legs symbolizes my need to break free of what has been holding me backing from achieving my goals, my dreams and to experience life to the fullest. And of course to feel free. I want to break the shackles of my mind and limitations.

Wings Tattoo

Usually, wings represent something spiritual or even religious as wings tantamount to angels. But for me, wings are explicitly metaphorical to freedom and liberation

I got this tattoo towards the December 2017. I felt an urgency, almost a compulsion to get it before 2018 begins.

Rose Triangle Tattoo

I got another tattoo as well. It has roses in it and goes well with the tattoo on my shoulder. I love the triangle in this design. It reminds of the Trinity concept - According to Christians it is Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, and the Japanese have a philosophy on this too. See below.


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Latest update #2 - My New Hairstyle or Should I say lack of hair

Trying new or rather different things is second nature to me. I started out slow but now I'm on a high and in need of extreme things to keep my life interesting and unpredictable. I have gone from waist-length hair to no-hair in the past 9 years and am loving this journey.

Buzzcut Hairstyle

I'm planning to remain this way for a couple of more months and I intend to embrace my buzzcut wholeheartedly. 🙂

If anyone is interested to read/know about my hair transformation journey, let me know, I would love to write about it.

Do comment and let us know your thoughts. 

Thanks for reading!

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