Makeup Look For The Buzz Cut Women

Makeup Look For Buzz Cut Women

I have been sporting numerous haircuts and styles over the years, ranging from the simple layered to asymmetrical super short pixie cuts, but the buzz cut was a big step for me. I have shaved my head once before and it was for religious regions. However, going for a buzzcut hair that almost looks like a shaven head and for no apparent reason (other than my urge to do something crazy) was daunting for a couple of minutes until I raced to my bathroom, got my hubby's beard trimmer and razed off my hair.  Boy, did it feel amazing!!

Long story short, I had to change my makeup routine, makeup looks and my dressing style to suit the new me. Here's a makeup look I created this weekend. The makeup had to be strong and bold to match my hair and attitude. Hope I did justice.

I did a very light makeup, except for the eyes as I wasn't up for doing a full-blown makeup look as I'm still recuperating.

I have used a couple of neutral shades from the Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette and two other Colourpop Supershock Eyeshadow shades -  Donna and Shameless.

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Enough said, let me allow the pictures speak for itself.

Buzz cut Women
Makeup For Buzz Cut Women

Buzz Cut Women

Makeup Look For Buzz Cut Women

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut For Women

Makeup Look For Buzz Cut Women

Buzz Cut on Indian Women

Phew!! Thats was lots of pics 🙂

Your comments and feedback make me feel like a million bucks, so do let me know how my makeup and buzz cut are. 🙂 

Thanks for reading!

  • Gopinath

    The look is really stunning !!!!

    • Sudhaa Gopinath

      Thanks 🙂

  • Arshu Arshu

    Hey sudha,you are really doing a good job ...keep posting 🙂 - ALLARSH

    • Sudhaa Gopinath

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting, Allarsh 🙂

      • Arshu Arshu

        most welcome 🙂

  • Anil Villival

    Bold beautifully looking