MIA, skin woes and Makeup dieting!!!

Pic Courtesy: http://cocosays.com
I know i have been MIA quite a lot lately and there are even lesser posts lately. A lot is happening in my life lately and have been busy and tired a lot lately.So Blogging has become an on and off event at the moment.Though my blog is not the most happening one, i take pride in it and it completely makes me happy when i get the time to sit down and put my heart and soul in to it.The major reason for my latest MIA episode is that i have been having skin issues and i really want to get a hold off it before it goes on full blown.I have decided (read as insisted by my husband) to go off makeup/cosmetics that goes on my face. I agreed to this only after that i made sure that i would get to use my lipsticks and eyeshadows when necessary.So basically i would be avoiding Face Primers,Foundation,compacts,Blushes,Highlighters,Concealers...the usually stuff that goes on to my face.I have noticed from the picture than was taken 3 weeks ago and the latest one, that there seem to be more blemishes and changes in my skin texture.I hate my hubby's DSLR for showing a very clear picture for this...sigh!!! 
The bottom line is need to detox my face and find out if i'm allergic to any of the products i own. This will also give me an opportunity to try out so many home made DIY face packs and go back to nature and get my face fixed. I have been regularly monitoring and taking notes about the face pack i'm using and its effect. Will be coming up as a post in couple of weeks. That's because you all know that nature takes it course slowly but very steadily.
Since i am going through this phase i have also decided to go on a makeup diet where i wont be purchasing any makeup items what so ever for a whole month starting from December 10th. So far so good...well it has been only a day since.....so keeping my hopes up to make this diet successful. I have hopes for this kind of dieting as i know that i cant control my taste buds but can have reasonable control over my desire to spend on makeup.
This is my resolution for this month:
No cosmetics/makeup on my face***
One home made Facepack every day.
Eat 1 or 2 cloves of raw Garlic everyday
Include as much as Biotin in my intake as possible.