Milani Color Perfect Lipsticks - Rose Hip: Review, Swatches & Dupes

I love Milani lipstick for their super pigmentation. This is a dream come true for all beauties with pigmented lips. I'm a huge fan of lipsticks and not lip gloss for this very reason. I'm in to bold colors at the moment as I just want to to have different and vibrant shades in my collection and I was missing bold colors. This shade 'Rose Hip' is almost (if possibly yes) a neon-ish shade. It is a vibrant, shocking, blue-based, Fuchsia Pink. This shade belongs to Milani Color Perfect line of lipsticks. This line is now revamped and available as ' Milani Color Statement Lipsticks'. This line of lipsticks is just awesome. Check out their shades in their website.


 You can get them for $5.49 from Beauty Joint now. I had purchased them for $3.50 or something. I guess it must have been on a clearance sale. If you are thinking of getting them, get them from the new line which costs the same.
 This shade is a close dupe of a shade in MAC as well as NARS. Check out the dupe list at the end of this post.


Like I said this is one bright lippy and not for the weak of hearts, and what a fun shade it is :). The formula is creamy and glides on without pulling. It's not exactly moisturizing but not drying at the same time (does that make sense????)  It gives a powdery looks but feels creamy - I dont know how to explain this. Milani Lipsticks have mild fragrance to them and I do love them. They smell like candies 🙂 It's not overpowering or annoying, just mild and pleasant. It lasts for 3-4 hours when not eating or drinking and need touch-up after that. They never claimed to last really long, so considering the price this is not exactly its downside. It leaves behind a nice tint which looks close to the original shade and not some faded out, bland looking shade of pink.There is nothing great to talk about the packaging. It is sturdy, but the new line looks lot more classier than this one.
Here is the awaited dupe list for this lipstick:
90% Dupe : MAC - Girl About Tow.
95% Dupe : NARS - Schiap.
85% Dupe : MAC - Pink Pigeon.
Here is a swatch pic of the 3 shades.
I love everything about this lipstick.