Miss Claire WaterProof Perfection Lip Color #5: Review & Swatches

Miss Claire WaterProof Perfection Lip Color #5

Bright lipstick has become my new best friend lately as I had started experimenting with different and vibrant shades. I found this lip gloss when I was browsing for other stuff on Flipkart. It looked pretty interesting, so added it to my cart immediately. This one is a bright coral shade and sets to a matte finish. The other end of the applicator has a clear gloss and gives a nice sheen without being sticky. I prefer the matte finish for this shade and the clear gloss makes it look even more brighter.

There is no noticeable fragrance. Am very thankful of that. Certain fragrances, especially fruity and flowery smelling ones puts me off. There is no shade name, instead there is a number. Its actually fun to name a shade, I don't know why some brands don't do this. This is nothing major to complain about.

There are other shades like Pink and Maroon available.

When I was browsing through Flipkart site I realized that I had ordered a 'Pink' shade but had received ' Coral/Orange' one. Since I really love this shade I don't mind this mix up, but its bad service from Flipkart. I also hate the fact that they are charging for delivery for each product and the delivery charges also seem to vary from one product to another. I had seen a product whose price was Rs 95/- and the delivery charge for Rs 60/- hardly a bargain here.

Price & Quantity: Rs 300 for 2X5 ml

Miss Claire WaterProof Perfection Lip Color #5

Before I even think of wearing this lip gloss I had to get rid of dry chapped lips and dead skin cells as this lip gloss highlights even the slightest dead skin. I have noticed that the lips needs to moist and if contains oily lip balm, it breaks down the lip gloss and wears off really fast.

The lip gloss dries really quickly so you have apply it really fast. You have layer it within this time. You need to keep your lips apart for couple of second until it dries. The first time I tried this lip gloss I made the mistake of rubbing my lips together (like we do normally for lipsticks or other lip glosses) and it ended up looking patch as it had peeled off in some places.

The lip gloss comes with a doe-foot applicator and serves the purpose. Nothing to complain about.

Miss Claire WaterProof Perfection Lip Color Applicator

It does take some tries to work out the best method to apply this lip gloss, but once you find that out you are all set. The lip gloss lasts for 2- 2.5 hours max despite drinking or eating anything non-oily, then it gradually fades away completely in 3-3.5 hours max.

Check out how this shade looks on me.

Miss Claire WaterProof Perfection Lip Color on my Lips

Miss Claire WaterProof Perfection Lip Color on my Lips

A hand swatch just in case 🙂

Miss Claire WaterProof Perfection Lip Color Hand Swatch

Here’s the pros and cons of this lip gloss;


  • Sets quickly.
  • Clear gloss gives a nice sheen and does not feel sticky.
  • No fragrance.


  • Peels of when we rub the lips before it dries completely.
  • Needs to layered quickly before it dries.
  • Ingredients not mentioned.

The pros and cons are  balanced and for the cost this lip gloss is totally worth it



  • http://no minal kothari

    Miss claire lip gloss shade no 28 how much

    • sudhaag

      Hi Minal, I guess it must be the same price as this one, Rs 300/-