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Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner - Review & Swatches

Hi everyone, I'm back with Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner, which I had purchased during my Thailand trip. Among all the black eyeliners I have with me right now, which includes liquid and pen type black eyeliner, this is my favorite at the moment.

Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner - Review & Swatches

Now, a little bit about the brand. Mistine claims to be #1 makeup brand in Thailand. I'm not sure about this claim, but I can say that this eyeliner is quite good.  Mistine is distributed by Better Way (Thailand) Co., Ltd. which was established in 1988. Mistine has more than 6000 products which are categorized into 5 makeup categories.

What the product claims:

Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner

  • Can draw a line as thin as 0.05mm and go up to 2.80mm.
  • Pen-style brush allows free draw
  • Water resistant


Around 160 THB. It comes to about Rs. 320/-


Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner - Ingredients

My thoughts on Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner:

The first time I came to know about this brand was in Bangkok airport. This is one of the brands of cosmetics and skincare products that is made in Thailand. They have a wide range of skin care products like Egg white face mask, facial foams, creams, anti-wrinkle eye gels, anti-stretch mark creams and more. The line of Mistine products is quite interesting.

Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner - Review & Swatches

Recently, before coming across the Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner, I used Jordana's Cat Eye Liner. It was very disappointing and made me feel that any cosmetic products that are affordable and cheap wouldn't meet my expectation. Glad that Mistine has crumpled this thought.

The packaging is pretty simple. It has a metallic look to it but once it gets banged around, the black plastic underneath shows through. It has no noticeable fragrance. This will be a huge relief to sensitive noses.

Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner - Pen Tip

Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner - Pen Tip

The best feature of this pen eyeliner is the sturdy-but-flexible brush that gives you the right amount of control to draw that super sharp line. The consistency of the eyeliner liquid is not too watery that you have to repeatedly keep layering them for an opaque finish.

It has a dark matte finish that gives a nice and bold look . Usually, in other eyeliners, when the liner dries it becomes powdery and irritates my eyes. This doesn't happen with this eyeliner.

Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner - Hand Swatch

The pen-type makes it comfortable to hold and use, allowing for a precise and smooth application.

Now, to the most amazing aspect of Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner. 

The lasting power is simply unbelievable. I wore it at 8AM and left my house. I was pretty much busy the entire day and when I checked it at 11PM and it still looked impeccable. I slept off without removing my eyeliner (yeah, I do that when I"m too pooped to move) and the next morning it still looked great. Yeah, it did require minor touch up, but not like it was put on more than 24 hours ago. When it was time to remove it, I used my usual coconut oil and it came off like a breeze.

I'm just surprised that it lasted this long on my oily lids. I'm very happy with this product and definitely going to force anyone I know who is traveling to Bangkok, to get me this one and the Jabs Non-Woven Oil Clear Sheets.


  • Amazing lasting power - even on oily lids
  • Contains Castor oil.
  • Does not contain Parabens
  • Achieve sharp and sleek lines
  • Pen-style brush allows you to draw smooth lines
  • Leak-proof packaging
  • No  weird Smell
  • Right consistency of the liner liquid
  • flexible tip
  • Water resistant
  • No allergic reactions


  • Not easily available
  • Exorbitantly priced in India


This has become my go-to eyeliner when I know the day is going to be long and can't afford to spend time on touching up. The affordable price and safe (sort of) ingredients makes it a great option. I just need to find out how to get my next fix when this one is over.

Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner

So, what do you think of this brand and product? Do comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading!!

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