Monday Makeup Videos: Beauty & Makeup Trends For 2015

theme-mmv (1)I know we already crossed 5 months in 2015. Still it's better to be late than never. Here's a collection of Beauty and Makeup trends that is suggested for this year.

Hot Korean Beauty:

This video is by WishTrendTv. This video provides hot beauty trends for 2015 from skincare, makeup looks to hair styles in Korea.

Exciting Trends to Try Out:

This video by Polished suggests some trends from exciting hair coloring techniques to natural makeup looks, to experimental eyeliners

Bloomed Shine Makeup Trend:

This makeup trend is by Oscar Larion. You can try out this fresh look by him. Simply follow the step-by-step tutorial video below:

Hot Lipsticks for 2015:

Th trend-setting lipstick for this year by Makeup Geek.

Hope you liked the videos!