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My Earrings Haul

Wow, it has been more than a month since i last published a post. Things have been quite hectic on personal front so decided to take a sabbatical (sort of) from blogging and even freelancing. Now that I'm back, I'm gonna get back to the jive of blogging. During this time off I had visited Dubai and had a gala of a time. I had made huge hauls, which I will be posting soon. My earrings haul is one of them.


I love danglers more than studs as they are very feminine and sexy. So naturally, my earrings hauls contain danglers.

Earrings Haul

Earrings Haul

They are super affordable, at about 10 DHS each, which is about Rs.200/- and the quality is extremely good.

Earrings Haul

How do you find my earrings haul, ladies?? Which ones do you like? Do comment below and let us know.

Thanks for reading!

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