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Natural Juice for a Healthy Skin and Hair


Natural Juice for a Healthy Skin and Hair

Here’s a simple yet effective way to boost your immunity and improve Iron level in your body and their by have a healthy skin and hair. This simple juice is a great remedy for anyone suffering from Anaemia. It improves general wellbeing and adds luster to skin and hair.

Curry leaves – 1 cup
Gooseberry/ Amla/ Nellikai (big one) – 1
Palm jaggery/Karupatti – As per your requirement

Methods of preparation:
1. Wash the curry leaves and Amla
2. Grind them together
3. Add palm jaggery as per your requirement. Can be substituted with honey as well.

That's it!

Here’s a quick look at how each of these ingredients benefits you.

Curry leaves are a rich source of iron. It is easily available and affordable, and can be consumed by those low RBC. They are also a rich source of Folic acid which in general is great for women and it also helps your body to absorb the Iron.
Amla is an excellent source of Vitamin C which is responsible for good immunity. It is also high in antioxidants that’s prevents cell damage and inhibits cancer and other diseases. It also aids in digestion, relieves cramps during periods, lustrous hair, healthy skin, flushes out toxins through the urinary tract and from the liver.
Palm jiggery cleanses your blood and makes you very active. It improves your skin. It is rich in Calcium. Consuming it helps in healthy bones. It is greatly helpful for women and keeps the uterus healthy. It is a core ingredient for many Ayurveda treatments for indigestion, dry cough, Diabetes and many more.

One might expect it to be bitter and hard on the taste buds, but this juice is surprisingly tasty. Of course, this is my opinion. You can add honey or palm jaggery to tone down the bitterness. Don’t use White sugar. This is a healthy juice, so let’s keep it 100% healthy.
This juice is easy to prepare, the ingredients are easily available and affordable. So, what’s stopping you from getting healthy???
What do you think of this juice? Do let us know your thoughts on it. Thanks!

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