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Work It With These 10 Office Handbags For Woman

Functional & Stylish Office Handbags For Women

“Style is a way to say who are without having to speak.”

~ Rachel Zoe.

These days It’s rare to see a woman without a handbag. It is has become a must-have accessory that every woman carries with her. In fact, they have now become a symbol of a women’s taste. It is often required by us to have roomy office workbags, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring and dull. Here’s a collection of office handbags that are practical and functional with oodles of style and panache.

They are not only beautiful and practical; they are now fashion statements that come in a range of colours, styles, and shapes. They have become the ambassador of personal statement and self-expression.  Keeping this in mind, it becomes a daunting task to choose the right one to attract attention or look discreet.

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Office Handbags For Women

Many believe that you can’t buy happiness, but woman believe that you can buy bags and it's kind of the same thing. So, why not go ahead and splurge a little on this Shoulder Bag in Tan. 

Bright & Merry Office Handbags For Women

Who says office handbags needs to be dull,monochromatic and boring? Show off this merry and bright handbag and watch those jaws drop.

Chic and practical office handbags for woman

For the ladies who carry their essential (read survival) kit in their shoulder bags, invest in a bag that's chic and practical, and at the same time has more space than you'll ever need. This Women's Handbag in Brown looks like a great choice for this. 

Chic and practical office handbags for woman

Shakes hands with this vintage-meets-modern aesthetic looking office handbag from Kenneth Cole. This Snake skin patternedMessenge r Bag is a stylish and classic piece to add to your grown collection of handbags. 

Metallic office handbags

Let's now try adding some bling to chase off the depressing Monday blues at work with this Metallic Maroon  satchel. Aint she a beauty?

Black office handbags

A Black handbag is an essential accessory. True, that! But it needn't necessarily look drab and mind-numbingly boring. Whether you're off to work or to the mall, you can swing  your everyday essentials into this beauty and carry it around with ease.

Black office handbags

The same goes for this one. Why be a boring black bag when you can be a cool and casual black bag.

Casually vintage yet on-trend office handbag

This has got to be my favorite one. I love the panel design which gives off a casually vintage yet on-trend aesthetic.

Fiery Red office handbag

Tote this fiery Red office handbag and show off the fire in you. This color shouts confidence and one needs a huge dose of confidence to flaunt this bag. 

Maroon office handbag

This is one of those spacious and stylish handbags that always seems to fit in, no matter where you are going. This one earns an extra style badge in chic and is a definite winner when it comes to office handbags for women.

Bonus Time!! Got one more bag for you...

Messenger Bag

This another Messenger Bag that needs to be in every tomboy's closet.  This bag channels a vintage appeal and oozes of sophistication. And the best part is, it can fit your laptop, tablet and what not, making it a dapper and a practical piece to add to your collection.

Which ones your favorite, peeps? Do comment and let us know. 

Thanks for reading!!

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. In the case of any purchases made, I will be compensated for it.

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