Hello Bengalurians, It’s Time to Rise Up!

Parents against fee hike

Hello Bengalurians, It’s Time to Rise Up!

Education is the pathway to a better future for our children and our country, but it remains as a commodity of luxury, available to only those who can spend Lakhs for it. Let’s change this – It is time to take a stand against private schools in Karnataka who are charging exorbitant fees.
It’s time to lend your hands (literally) by being a part of the human chain on June 8th, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, from ITPL towards Big Bazaar, EPIP Zone, Hope Farm.
This is not just for parents – anyone who is concerned about the future of their children are most welcomed to participate.
I know it’s a weekday but do understand the importance of this protest. Your time and presence will be the greatest contribution to this cause.

Eagerly waiting for your presence,

For more information regarding the protest, visit the Facebook page of KASPA (Karnataka State Parents Association). 
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Right now, I really wish I could be a better influencer through blogging. The truth is, I'm hardly an influencer. A humble request to everyone/anyone who is reading this - Please share this on your social media platforms. Each and every share can make a huge difference to this cause.

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