Review: L'oreal Kohl Mineral Powder Liner

You lovelies already know that i got this as a gift from my cousin sister and am so excited about them. I don't  own that many L'oreal products and this is my first mineral kohl as well so am happy to add them to my stash. Am not sure of the cost and i cant seem to find the list of ingredients on it.
I have them in three shades: Precious Black, Meteorite Blue and Iced Chestnut
The package looks cute but it isn't sturdy. The black one is cracked from from the banging up it got when i was travelling. I feel that the design of the packaging itself is a bit inconvenient. It would have been great if the product/powder would automatically get to the brush like a refill system .I  hope i was clear enough when saying this. If it had been that way it would have been really cool and very convenient. The brush that come along is really good and apt for using along with this products. The bristles on the brush are really good. Length of the brush is a bit shorter for my liking, that's because i have long fingers. Okay its not exactly their fault 🙂 To get to the brush you need to pull the lid and to get to the kohl you to unscrew the lid with the brush. I know its quite a procedure before you actually get to use it.
It comes with a sifter inside it and this really helps with controlling the amount of products is needed. Also there is this white sponge on top of the sifter. Take my word - NEVER LOSE IT!!!
As you can see from the above pic, without that teeny-tiny sponge, the product gets everywhere and its utter chaos. These mineral kohl are super light to wear and feel really comfortable. There is no irritations of any kind. The kohl in black 'Precious Black' is really pigmented unlike the other two and is also matte. The other two 'Meteorite Blue' and 'Iced Chestnut' contains shimmer that goes away in like two seconds and then  its just matte.The black one lasts for like 3 hours on its own and gradually starts to fade. And the other two goes away completely in a maximum of 2 hours. I don't know if a primer would help it stay a bit longer as i haven't tried it yet. Other reviewers have suggested using a similar coloured eye pencil underneath it to make it work. I feel that I have to work too hard to make it work as an eye liner
Now lets talk about the fallouts. I have never seen any product with so much fallouts. Even the cheap eye shadow palettes that i bought when i was in college didn't have this much fallouts. By the time i'm done doing my eyes, my face is a total mess. The kohl gets everywhere and i need to remove it with a make-up remover. So ladies, who does their foundation and face make-up routine first make an exception and do your eyes first when using this product.Sorry L'oreal!!! but the fallouts are too much to deal with. 
Sorry for not able to post the images of other shades!!! The images just isn't getting transferred to my laptop.
Can double up as an eye shadow
Contains sifter to control the amount of product.
Feels light and comfortable to wear.
Not very pigmented except for the black one.
Doesn't last more than 2 hours
Crazy fallouts.
The design is bit inconvenient.
Packaging is not sturdy.
The price of the product is on the higher side considering that it has tremendous fallouts, it doesn't last long and the packaging or its design is not user friendly. So will be using what i have now but wont be buying them again.

  • Pout Pretty

    Oh too bad! I was actually thinking of buying the black one. Now I definitely wont!

  • Niesha

    same here sudha. i wanted to try them . but now wont even think.
    Nice review !!

  • Fashionable Doll

    Awww thanks for sharing dear,

  • Sudhaa Gopinath

    Thanx Niesha!!!

  • Sudhaa Gopinath

    Most welcome!!! 🙂

  • Sudhaa Gopinath

    Yeah, too bad its a dud!!!