Review:Khadi Herbal Body Wash - Orange and Lemongrass Citrus

This is my first purchase from this brand and this is going to be a short review on it.
What it claims:
Thoroughly removes impurities and dirt from the skin. Orange extracts provide vitamin-C.It refreshes your senses with a light orange scent while the silly fresh gel with valuable oil pearls and Lemon Grass extract turns in to caring soft foam for the unique sensation of a well cared skin.

Price & Quantity: 
Rs 90/- for 210ml
Orange oil, Lemon Grass oil, Juglanregia, Triticum Vulgaris, Crocus Sativus, Almond Oil, Terminallia Belurica, base QS
My take on this product:
I'm crazy about citrus and orange fragrances and when i go for body sprays or deos or body wash like here, i prefer them to be of the same. I bought this for its brand as I believe that the quality of the brand would definitely better but i was sorely disappointed. From my experience it fails in everything it claims to do.
1. Thoroughly removes impurities and dirt - It does a half baked job. Not feeling squeaky clean after using it.
2. It refreshes your senses with light orange scent - Light orange scent??!! Its actually tooo mild and i can smell it only in the bottle and may be for couple of second when i pour it on my loofah. After that, poof!!! Its gone!!!
3. The caring soft foam which gives a sensation of a well cared skin - Okay it doesnt dry my skin, but well cared??? Will give 3out of 5 for it.
Easily available.
Contains natural ingredients.
Packaing is practical and sturdy.
It doesnt give a clean feeling after using
Doesn't lather up that much.
The fragrance is too mild for my liking.
There are other body wash liquids out there that do a better job than this. So will be giving this a miss

  • Shanaya Sinner

    Khadi is an gud brand ive tried their soaps and toner and its totally awesome.. Its got there best and worst products. gr8 review doll.
    xoxo <3

  • Sudhaa Gopinath

    Thanks Shanaya!!! I thought of shifting towards products with natural ingredient,but so far these natural ingredients dont get along with me 🙂