Saffron Extract/ Kunkumadi Thailam from Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal

 Just before i start to talk about the benefits and about its awesomeness i just want to make it clear than 'Kunkumadi Thailam is nothing but Saffron extract that comes in oil form. I was not a big fan of Ayurvedic medicines as i thought of them to be ineffective, but lately they have proved me wrong under so many circumstances. My neighbor swear that this oil is the reason behind her blemish free, glowy skin. The brand 'Arya Vaidya Sala' is famous for providing Ayurvedic treatments and i'm sure you would have heard of it. Here is a link to their website. 

After looking at so many well packaged products, this plain Jane look of it can put you off or even make you ignore it. But the saying 'Dont judge a book by its covers' aptly applies to it. The packaging is nothing glamarous, rather its a plain looking one and looks like it some kind of eye drops. But nonetheless, the packaging is conveniet and safe to be carried around in your bag. Let just say only the practical aspects were though of. There is no fancy labels either, so what made me choose them (besides my friends recommendation)????

This oil aims to detox the skin. improve blood circulations and boy it does a good job 🙂 The fragrance is something i hated at the very beginning. It had this sickeningly sweet smell. Most of the ayurvedic products i have come across smell this way. Surprisingly, i'm not offended by the smell anymore. At first it used to be overwhelming, now its very tolerable.
Texture & Color:
Like i said it comes in oil form, it also feels and looks just like oil. This really scared me as i have oily skin most of them time and alternate between oily and combined skin when the weather changes. I was scared that i could have serious breakouts. I did have couple of  them at the beginning but kinda adapted soon and my skin is fine with it.
It has this Orange shade to it and when applying moderately or sparsely give this sun kissed look. But if used in excess, you will look like a greased monkey 🙂
When & How I use it:
I use them at night like a night cream. I dot them on my face and add couple of dots of my usual moisturizer or pure Aloe Vera gel to spread them really well. I do this because i don't want to use the oil in excess and the other cream or aloe gel helps me spread it around really well. Well the added benefits of Aloe gel is definitely a bonus!!!
Would I buy them again??? Absolutely!!! Its affordable, free of chemicals and it really works.

  • Radha

    I am happy that this works for you Sudhaa Nice Review 🙂

  • Tanmayee Dev

    I know about this oil..great tip, to use it with aloe 🙂

  • Sudhaa Gopinath

    Thanks Radha!!!

  • Sudhaa Gopinath

    Thanks Tanmayee