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Sebum Control Gel - A One-Step Solution For Oily Face

Sebum Control Gel - A One-Step Solution For Oily Face

I know I have been posting a lot about oily face and the products you can use to deal with it. Just bear with me for some more time as I have a lot to talk about it  The Sebum Control Gel by Aroma Essentials is a one-stop solution to control the oil spill. Yes, I’m calling it a spill as only those suffering from overactive sebaceous gland will know what a pain it is to have an oily face.
This was one of the products sent to me by Aroma Essentials and this is my second favorite one ( First being Under Eye Corrector Gel). Most often, an oily skin brings in a host of other issues as well. Here’s a list of them:

  • Oily face
  • Huge pores
  • Dandruff (Seen mostly in people with oily face)
  • Breakouts and acne on the forehead area.

Let’s see how this gel performed when dealing with the above issues. But before that, let’s see what this product is meant to do.

What it Does:

Removes blemishes and brings troubled skin back to clearer look and feel.

Price & Quantity:

Sebum Control Gel - Price & Quantity

Rs.300/- for 35 gms.


BHA, Tea tree oil, Aloe Vera. (Not sure if this is the complete list of product)

Shelf Life:

6 months

My Thoughts on This Product:

I’m in love with this product as it has shown significant improvements on my face. It has greatly controlled the oil on my face. By saying this, I don’t mean that this gel has removed every bit of oil and made my skin oil-free. I’m seeing a visible difference in my pores and they are looking much smaller in size than before. It has also helped control the breakouts on my forehead due to dandruff.

Sebum Control Gel for Oily Face
The gel blends well and gets completely absorbed by the skin, leaving it soft and non-greasy. I love the cool and tingly sensation I get when I apply the gel on my face. I can detect the scent of Tea Tree oil and may be Rose water (Not entirely sure about this). Overall, it has an amazing fragrance that is sure to be gentle even to those with sensitive noses.

Sebum Control Gel for Oily Face

The gel comes in a plastic jar. An extra lid makes it spill proof and travel-friendly. Some might find this unhygienic, as you have to dip your fingers into it. I use an ear bud and at times, I even use a clean wooden ice cream stick to scoop out the gel. Problem solved!
Based on the quantity, I feel that the product might last for 2 months, at least.


  • Not tested on animals
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Free of artificial fragrances
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Completely absorbed by the skin
  • Leaves the skin soft and non-greasy
  • Travel-friendly package


  • Slightly overpriced for the quantity.
    Comes in a jar


Even though I feel that it is slightly over priced (a lot of you might not feel this way), this product is a good investment for those with an oily face. The gel takes care of the majority of issues that happens to an oily face, making it a winner!

Your comments would make my day, so feel free to share your thoughts. 

Thanks for reading!

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