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Haul: Handbags from SheIn

I really can't be without a bag. I usually carry a large bag because my son keeps handing out stuff to be put away carefully (a.k.a carry their stuff) and I start hoarding unwanted stuff just to be on the safe side. I end up carrying around a lot of excess stuff just because there is space in it. In order to stop treating my back like some rucksack and to ease the pain on my shoulder, I wanted to get some cute handbags/satchels. Hence, the handbags from SheIn.

Handbags Haul From SheIn

I have been eyeing SheIn website for quite some time and wanted to use this opportunity to test them out.  I got two handbags for my birthday in Feb ( yeah I know it's a long pending post ).

I wanted them in neutral shades so that I could match them with most of my outfits. So, I selected these two. Let's see how they fair in the real

Pushlock Shoulder Bag With Handle:

Pushlock Flap PU Shoulder Bag From SheIn

Pushlock Shoulder Bag From SheIn

I learned a valuable lesson after this haul from SheIn. Here's my advice:

  • Always check out the dimension of the bag. It is clearly given in the website. All you have to do is check it.
  • Check out the reviews. This could help you with how the actual product looks.

Probably you ladies are doing it and I am the silly dimwit who didn't do it. So, just a little heads up from me. 🙂

I did check out the pics on the website and expected to be a little on the Brown side. But I got a dusty Pink bag which still looks awesome. I'm not a big fan of girly Pink shades but this one is a safe bet for those who hate hot and bright Pinks.

Pushlock Shoulder Bag From SheIn

The end of the sling is left open making it look a little cheap.  The metal clasps and links are not in a stark silver shade (thank God!!) but in a subtle black silver-like finish which gives it a decent look.

Now, about the price, it cost about Rs. 828 after discount (original price is Rs. 910). If you are looking for a comfortable cross bag, then this Pushlock Shoulder Bag is for you.

On to my second handbag, I'm completely in love with this one 🙂

Black Twist Lock Crossbody Bag:

Black Twist Lock Crossbody Bag

This bag looks classy and elegant. The quilted finish is of good quality and the bag itself feels sturdy.

Black Twist Lock Crossbody Bag From SheIn

Inside - Black Twist Lock Crossbody Bag From SheIn

Black Twist Lock Crossbody Bag From SheIn

This one cost me Rs.1180 after discount (original price is Rs. 1300). It is totally worth the money and I highly recommend this one. Do check out this Black Twist Lock Crossbody Bag and decide for yourself.

Love to hear your thoughts on this post so do comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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