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Toothbrush Makeup Brush From DressLink

Toothbrush Makeup Brush From DressLink

This is a sponsored post – This product was sent to me to be reviewed, but this doesn’t influence my thoughts of it. This review is my genuine feedback of this product.

The first time I heard the name ‘Toothbrush Brush’, I was like, “Great! They have come up with another weird impractical makeup tool.” I have been hearing too much of this product lately and became a bit curious about it. When I came across this makeup brush in Dress Link, I became even more interested to try it out. DressLink was kind enough to send me this product for me to review and boy was I eager to test it out.

So, how did it turn out? Well, besides the quirky name, I love everything about this brush.

I believe that this is the best way to apply foundation. I have tried out foundation brush and sponges but didn’t find them satisfactory. So, I had to be content with using a sponge to apply the foundation.

About the Product

Toothbrush Makeup Brush


Cost: $1.52

You can buy it from here.

My Thoughts on This Product

Toothbrush Makeup Brush From DressLink

The brush is nice and fluffy and the bristles feel incredibly soft as if I was petting some animal. The softness feels really good when using on the face. These brushes are very dense and the bristles are tightly packed.

It gave me a flawless, smooth, and uniform application. There were absolutely no streaks and didn’t feel or look cakey. It gave me a natural look and I absolutely love it.

I used a cream-to-powder foundation and liquid foundation to test it out and both worked out well for me.

Toothbrush Makeup Brush From DressLink

Many claim that this brush helps to apply the foundation a lot quicker. I’m not very sure about it – I don’t mean that it takes longer, but just that I don’t find it quickening the process.

According to the product bio, it can be used for Blusher, Cream, and Powder products. I would use this for the entire face and not for any smaller areas like the eyes (for applying eyeshadow) as the brush head is bit large for it. This brush size gives me good control of my blending and lets me concentrate on specific areas.

How I Used This Brush

At times, I blend two shades of foundation to match my complexion, as it varies a lot depending on the weather. I used a foundation brush to dot the foundation on my face and then used the toothbrush brush in a sweeping motion to blend it. I also tried dipping the toothbrush brush directly on the product and found that it picked up more foundation than necessary.

So, when using this brush, it’s best to dot the foundation on the face and then blend it out. I blended it outwards, towards my hairline and jawline and this made it look really smooth and flawless.

I decided to wash it after 3 uses to test out if it’s going to survive the wash. To my surprise, there was hardly any shedding and it held its shape and the tight packing

Toothbrush Makeup Brush

Overall, this toothbrush makeup brush (still finding it funny when I say this) is definitely worth it. Hopefully, I find brushes in other sizes as well!

Want to buy this brush?! I got mine from here.


  • Affordable.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Blends flawlessly.
  • Works with Cream and Liquid products.
  • No shedding on/after washing.
  • Good control when blending.


Couldn’t find one

Final Verdict:

Get it right now! It has already become my go-to foundation brush every day.

We all have seen so many product online but this one performs and the cost is too affordable. So don’t miss out on this.

So, what do you think of this toothbrush foundation brush, ladies?? Do comment and let me know your thoughts on this. 

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