The Ultimate Beauty Hacks that will Make You More Productive

Remember all those times you walked into a store and immediately thought “Oh my God, I want everything!” So much colorful makeup, so many great skin products, and everything right there, within your reach, if only you had an endless supply of money. But do you really get the chance to use them all? Any busy woman knows the value of time, so finding fuss-free beauty hacks to save your bucks and give you a bit more time in the morning is essential.

The Ultimate Beauty Hacks that will Make You More Productive

This is a guest post by Amy Mia Goldsmith. You read more about her by scrolling down to the bottom of the post.

The thing with makeup is that you’ve got to practice applying it. Find a routine that works for you and then simply practice until your half an hour turns into something that you barely need ten minutes to finish. Get a few liquid lipsticks, a foundation that’s easy to blend and some mascara. Things like blush, bronzer, eyebrow pencils, and eyeliner are optional and you can add them to your routine if you enjoy playing with makeup and want a little more glam. Another good thing to have is a nude eyeshadow palette. Pick warm or cool toned nudes depending on your skin undertone and hair color, and you can create a perfect everyday look with ease. Feeling pretty shouldn’t come at a high cost, and if you just create a routine that suits your needs you won’t have any issue with time. So, sip your coffee in peace and enjoy.

Lemon Water

For a handy tip, we can turn to our Australian sisters. There’s a way to give your daily hydration a nice boost – simply add some fresh lemon juice. This is a great way to get your vitamin C, which means a wrinkle-free face as it stimulates the production of collagen, not to mention better immunity and skin radiance. If anyone knows beautiful skin it’s Aussies, and this is a pretty great tip for everyone who struggles to drink water because they don’t like the taste.



If you want to look good no matter where you go and how much makeup you have on, then taking care of your skin should become a priority. Wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser, and use a good serum and a moisturizer that suits your skin type. A weekly scrub is also a must if you want an easy way to look smooth and soft. If you invest in your skin, you’ll be a natural beauty and you’ll need fewer products to look amazing. And again, for a good skincare tip, we turn to Australia and the increasing popularity of dermal fillers in Perth. It’s a safe, non-invasive procedure where an aesthetician injects biocompatible gels under your skin to give it a supple look. It’s perfect for aging skin because it can restore that soft, contoured appearance and reduce wrinkles, and the procedure doesn’t take long at all.

Keratin Treatments

Hair is practically our best accessory, and having healthy hair and a good haircut is more important than anything. If you struggle to tame your mane each morning, then keratin treatments could be a lifesaver. They straighten your hair and help repair the damage done by years of coloring and blow drying, so the end result is smooth, silky hair that takes a minimal amount of time to style.

Dry shampoo

Every greasy-haired girl knows the struggle of having to wash your hair every single day just to avoid looking like an oil slick, so dry shampoo can come quite in handy. It’s easy and quick to use, and since washing your hair every day strips it of oils and makes it even greasier, in the long run, it can actually help improve the situation at the top of your head.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Unless you were born with naturally thick, long lashes that never need any mascara, you might want to consider investing in eyelash extensions. Not that mascara takes a long time to apply, but having extensions makes the whole thing look so much more natural and since you’ll be getting compliments about your big, expressive eyes, you’ll feel a lot more confident and sexy.

These tips can be adjusted to your own specific routine and you can change things around to make them work for you. Hopefully, they’ll help you achieve your beauty goals and remain the stylish, sexy lady that you are.

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