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Using Veet Waxing Strips for Waxing Down There

Women like to keep the pubic area neatly trimmed and most women use a razor to do it.  Well, using a razor does have its pros and cons. The pros being affordable and convenient at the top of the list and the cons being the itchy growth phase. What if we could skip this itchy period and enjoy the smooth and hairless bikini area?

Using Veet Waxing Strips for Waxing Down There

Waxing does just that. But if you are like me who doesn’t like to spread their legs and display their jewel box to Tania, Dimple, and Harini (instead of Tom, Dick, and Harry) then, there is a relatively better option for you than going to the beauty parlor for this.

You can go for the wax kit and everything but why bother when there is a readily available waxing strip with wax and everything.

The wax strip from Veet is a great and an affordable option for waxing down there. Yes, I tried it!

Veet Waxing Strips

I tested the ‘Sensitive Skin’ as well as the ‘Normal Skin’ variant and have concluded that the ‘Sensitive Skin’ variant is the best option for waxing down there.

Let get one thing clear – the Veet waxing strips can help you get a clean landing strip but not a Brazilian waxed look. This is because the hairs near the vulva are coarse and thick. You need a Brazilian waxing-specific wax for this.

Now, about the pain.

How much will it hurt?

To be frank, I expected it to pain a lot but surprisingly it did not. If you are used to waxing your underarms and legs and getting your eyebrows threaded, then this should be bearable.

How to reduce pain?

It is best to have a long warm/hot bath before you do this. If this is not possible, have a facial steamer ready. Take off your underwear and steam the focus area. This might sound funny, but trust me the steam will loosen the hair follicles, making it at least little less painful.

Why this variant of Veet waxing strips?

Wxing Down There With Veet Waxing Strips

When I tried the ‘Normal Skin’ one it tugged my skin a lot more than the ‘Sensitive Skin’ one. I found the wax to be much thicker in the ‘Normal Skin’ version however it didn’t do a good job of removing the hair.

Waxing Down there – Pros of Using Veet

  • A clean landing strip
  • Convenient
  • Economic
  • Strips are easily available
  • Mess-free application
  • Can be done from the comforts of home

Waxing Down there – Cons of Using Veet

  • You can’t get a Brazilian wax


Let’s face it, the first few attempts are gonna be clumsy and the end result is not going to be perfect. This applies for any new thing you learn. With Veet waxing strips, you can get a decent job of pruning and waxing down there.

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