10 Must-Have Whimsical Makeup Brushes on Amazon

The whimsical and fairy tale fantasies seem to never leave us completely and we can still find traces of it in our adult life. We can still add elements of fantasy in our mundane daily life. Here’s a list of whimsical makeup brushes from Amazon that are sure to add some magic to everyday makeup routine.

Whimsical Brushes on Amazon

These fantastical and exotic-looking brushes are fun to work with and add oomph and glamor to ordinary mortal life. Whatever your preference, there is sure to be one to your liking.

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#1. Mermaid Tail Makeup BrushesMermaid Tail BrushesWho doesn’t love a mermaid, right?! This legendary mythical creature has been the fantasy-of-choice for many young girls and women. Imagine yourself to be a mermaid with thick long hair, sitting on a rock and serenading hot sailors. Now, that’s a fantasy we all can work with 😉

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#2. Rose Gold Honey Comb Designed Makeup Brushes

Rose Gold Brushes

Rose Gold is the trending metallic shade that anyone can rock. Though Gold is always an all-time favorite, Rose Gold has definitely stolen our hearts. The honeycomb design has further sexed up the brushes and you can feel like a diva when holding these Rose Gold Brushes.

#3. Unicorn Makeup Brushes

Unicorn Brushes

Unicorn and Rainbows go hand-in-hand. So why not a Unicorn makeup brushes? The swirl milk white handle is drool-worthy and adds a mythical touch to your makeup routine.

#4. Chrome Silver Oval Makeup Brushes

Chrome Silver Oval Brushes

Though this one might not be mythological or magical, the shiny Silver Chrome Brushes sure do catch the eye. It is simple and at the same time stylish.

#5. Hello Kitty Makeup Brushes

Hello Kitty Brushes

With even grown up men and women adoring Hello Kitty and decorating their personal space with Hello Kitty ornaments, why not step up your game and include it in your makeup? Here’s your chance to do just that.

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#6. Angled Sculpting Brush

Angled Sculpting Brush

This angled brush looks like a sculptures tool that gives that chiseled look to Greek marble sculptures. So use this brush for contouring to get that well-defined and sculpted look.

#7. Fish Tail Brush

Fish Tail Brush

This could very well be called as Mermaid brush, but I wanted to include other cool names and this one does look a lot like fish. Hence, the name Fish Tail Brush.

#8. Gold Brushes:

Gold Brushes

Gold is seriously a must-have bling shade. Go for the opulent and rich prima donna look with these Gold brushes.

#9. I Really Don’t Know What to Call This One

Whimsical Makeup Brushes

This got to be one of the weirdest shaped brushes on Amazon. I don’t know how practical is to use them but having them in your vanity will definitely be a novel experience.

 #10. Heart Shaped Brushes

Heart Shaped Brushes

This is unarguably too cute to resist. Get it just for the heck of it.

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

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